Dec 20, 2012

Armavia owner denies debt to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company

The owner of Armavia Mikhail Bagdasarov denied the aircompany’s debt to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) for Sukhoi SuperJet 100 plane.
"The jet cost $20 million. We paid $16 million in advance, with $4 to be added. However, later we returned the plane. We believe we owe nothing for technical services, yet SCAC insists we are indebted $1 million in encumbrance charges," he said, noting the latters to be the responsibility of SCAC.
In August SCAC reported that Armavia owed $4million for the jet. As the Company noted, Armavia cannot return the plane the latter being encumbered by an Armenian bank, media sources say.


Dec 14, 2012

Armavia pledges to refund Yerevan-Aleppo ticket price by yearend

Armavia Armenian airline company has operated no Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flights in the past three months, with the air carrier citing Syrian-Armenians’ refusal to return to Aleppo as the reason.
However, a number of Syrian Armenians still expect Armavia to refund the price of the tickets earlier purchased.
”The price of the tickets will be refunded by the end of the year. Only 40 people are left to get their money back,” spokesperson for the national carrier Nana Avetisova told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

Dec 1, 2012

Armavia's rating has been stopped

The Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia has stopped rating of LLC "Armavia" Airlines on the initiative of the company. The Central Bank of Armenia informed "Armenpress" that the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia has also stopped rating of LLC “Valletta” on the Initiative of the company. The previous rating was "G-", which was granted in 25.02.2011.
The Armavia company was established in 1996, but commercial flights to Russia and Turkey only started in 2001. It is the Armenia's flag carrier with its head office on the grounds of Zvartnots International Airport in Zvartnots, Armenia, near Yerevan. It operates international passenger services from Yerevan to destinations in Europe and Asia. Its main base is Zvartnots International Airport.


Nov 29, 2012

Armavia has nothing except computers and premises

Hraparak daily reports, that Mika Baghdasarov has no other choice but to sell Armavia. However, rumors suggesting that this or that company is interested in Armavia prove not to be true later. One of the businessmen explained the reason; it is senseless to invest several million dollars in something which costs maximum several hundred thousand dollars.

“The thing is that the license of Armenia's national air carrier is expiring and those who wish to buy it can do it several months later, after buying a license. But Armavia has nothing significant except for premises, threadbare computers and office furniture,” the paper writes.


Nov 24, 2012

Armavia confirmed for sale, Italians among prospectors

A spokesperson for Armenia’s “national carrier” Armavia, has confirmed that the troubled airline is for sale, and that negotiations include a potential deal with Italian buyers.

For several weeks it has been known that Armavia was most likely on the blocks. When Airitalia announced that it would begin service from Zvartnots International Airport in December, speculation circulated that Italy’s “national carrier” would be buying out Armavia.

Over the past year or more, Armavia has had disputes with management of Zvartnots, as the airline has struggled to pay its tariffs and has occasionally been grounded for brief periods.

Armavia’s Nana Avetisova told media that the Italians are among “two or three” companies expected to engage in negotiations.


Baghdasarov is considering to finish the sale of "Armavia" in the coming weeks

The owner of "Armavia" National Airlines Mikhail Baghdasarov is considering finishing the sale of the company in the upcoming 2-3 weeks. As reports "Armenpress" Baghdasarov has announced this in the interview to RBK daily. Among other things Mikhail Baghdasarov emphasized two main reasons, which served as the basis for selling the company. According to Mikhail Baghdasarov the main reason is the economic crisis. As to the second reason Baghdasarov underlined the damage of the company, which arouse from the exploitation of the new Russian plane SuperJet.
Baghdasarov stated: "There is nobody from the Russian Federation, who would like to buy the company, but among the potential buyers there are Italians and businessmen from the East as well."
At the same time the official representative of the CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft announced that in accordance with the agreement “Armavia” will continue paying off the debt for SuperJet in frames of the present leasing relations of the two companies.


Nov 22, 2012

Paper says Armavia’s license to operate flights expiring

Armavia air company continues operation of flights with Zvartnots airport no more suspending them, Zhamanak daily reported.
Armavia has ceased reiterating that the company is on sale, with the reports claiming an Italian enterprise has expressed readiness to buy it not clarified.
Perhaps, Zvartnots-Armavia conflict is said to be the reason behind Italian side’s reluctance to purchase the Armenian air company.
However, Armavia owner Mikhail Bagdasarov had better consider selling the company, given the fact that Armavia’s license to operate flights expires next year.
Meanwhile, Armenian national air carrier’s bankruptcy wouldn’t benefit Zvartnots due to Armavia’s large number of debts, the paper says.


Nov 8, 2012

''Armavia'' promises to compensate the costs of concealed flights to Syria

Armenia's national air carrier ''Armavia''  air company continues to refund the costs of concealed flights to Syria. ''Armavia''  company press service informed Armenpress, more than 400 Syrian Armenians have got compensation equal to the cost of the ticket, 70 people are still waiting for the return of their money.  Syrian Armenian Raffi, who has lately come to the Homeland from Syria stated in the briefing with Armenpress, ''Armavia'' company has reimbursed the cost of his three tickets out of  four .
 ''I have got another ticket else, the company has promised to return its cost in the near future'' our compatriot noted. The cases vary. Another Syrian Armenian Hakob  Martirosyan has been compensated only for one ticket. ''I frequently turn for the return of the cost of my three tickets, yet there  is no news,  they promise to compensate later''  the interlocutor stated. In the words of Firdus Zakaryan, the head of the working group dealing with Syrian Armenian issues, Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry in its turn does not abstain from relevant actions, they undertake a number of measures, have sent letter to the air company.'' The air company has made efforts reportedly the majority of the ticket holders have been compensated. The applications of the rest stakeholders are underway and will be solved down in the near future''.
According to Zakaryan currently 5000 Syrian Armenians are habiting in Armenia. ''Zvartnots'' airport in recent times regularly suspends ''Armavia''  air carrier flights due the depts. This worries not only the air carrier but its customer as well. Regular suspension of flights causes mistrust about the carrier by its customers in one hand resulting in the reduction of the passengers’ number in the other hand grow of debts.
'' Armavia''  air company suspended its flights to Syria on September 10. According to the Airline Company the flight have been suspended only for the clients’ interests after the rebels have announced they will bombard any plane passing through Syria airspace.
Currently only  "Syrian Airlines''  launches direct flight from Armenia to Syria.


Nov 6, 2012

Zvartnots center may halt operation over Armavia debts

Armavia company’s debts to Zvartnots air meteorological center currently totals AMD 94 mln, the center’s deputy director said.
“Armenia’s national air carrier must pay AMD 33 000 for each meteorological forecast; however it has failed to fulfill the obligation for the past two years. As a result, the center itself owes AMD14,5 mln to tax agencies,” Pavel Manukayn said.
Lawyer Anahit Grigoryan, in turn, said that the center will halt operation if it fails to pay the debts.
“This can’t go on like this,” she said, adding that the center will file a legal claim if necessary.
Zvartnots air meteorological center’s technical service head Garnik Petrosyan noted, “We will take ever legal measure to urge Armavia for paying off the debts. Otherwise, we will be forced to halt operation, thus resulting in suspension of flights altogether.”


Oct 28, 2012

News on Armavia being banned from flying to Europe is inaccurate – press secretary

The Armavia Airline Company—which is Armenia’s national carrier—is conducting its flights without any problems, Company Press Secretary Nana Avetisova told Armenian
She was surprised to hear the question as to whether it is true that the EU member countries have warned Armenia that they no longer intend on serving Armenian, specifically the Armavia Airline Company, flights. “This is just another lie,” Avetisova stated.   
She stressed that Armavia is one of the most law-abiding airline companies, that it adheres to all international aviation rules, and it passed yet again The Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IATA IOSA). “Armavia meets the standards on all points,” Nana Avetisova said.    
As Armenian informed earlier, the EU member countries have warned Armenia that they no longer intend on serving Armenian, specifically the Armavia Airline Company flights, Zhoghovurd daily’s well-informed sources reported.
“And the reason is that the Armenian flights do not meet the safety standards, in addition, they are disrupted regularly. 
According to our sources, the Armenian General Department of Civil Aviation has asked for time to correct the safety-related deficiencies, but they have left Armavia’s fate to the Europeans.
In an interview with us, General Department of Civil Aviation spokeswoman Nelly Cherchinyan, however, denied this news,” Zhoghovurd wrote.


Oct 27, 2012

Paper: EU countries unwilling to service Armavia flights

According to Zhoghovurd daily, EU-member countries have warned Armenia against a decision not to service RA, particularly Armavia air company flights, claiming they don’t meet the security standards and are regularly suspended.
General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA) has requested for time to fix the security problems, with the Europeans to decide on Armavia’s future.
Nelly Cherchinyan, GDCA spokesperson, however, denied the reports.


Oct 23, 2012

Armavia flights resumed

Armenian Zvartnots International Airport resumed services rendered to Armavia flights on  Tuesday afternoon, airport’s spokesperson Gevorg Abrahamyan told Armenian
The air company promised to transfer $150 thousand reducing its debt to the airport to $3 million 150 thousand. Unless company pays the debt, the flights will be grounded again.
On Tuesday morning the flights were suspended as Armavia exceeded the maximum limit allowed by the working contract.
The conflict between Armavia and Zvartnots International Airports continues for several months. Zvartnots had suspended Armavia’s flights a number of times for exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, but the parties had come to an agreement as a result of negotiations.


Oct 22, 2012

Zvartnots serves Armavia flights – airport spokesman

Zvartnots airport is providing proper services to Armavia air company today, Oct 22, the airport’s spokesman said.
As Gevorg Abrahamyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, debt calculations are currently being made, with the answers to all the questions to be specified tomorrow.
Armavia, in turn, noted that it is paying its debts to the airport on daily basis.
Earlier, Armavia conditioned the suspension of Zvartnots airport’s services to the air company by the airport’s disapproval of the new shareholder.
Meanwhile, Zvartnots noted the national carrier’s debts as the main reason behind the airport’s decision to halt servicing of the air company flights. The amount of Armavia’s debt exceeded the sum agreed on for over $1 million, bringing the total debt to $3,360 million.
As Armenian media outlets reported earlier, either owner of Zvartnots airport, Argentinean Armenian entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian, or Armenian president’s son-in-law Mikael Minasyan planned to purchase Armavia. However, Eurnekian denied the rumors later.


Oct 19, 2012

Armavia promised to reduce Zvartnots debt to $3 million by Saturday

Armenian capital city Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport resumed Armavia flights about two hours ago, airport’s press secretary Gevorg Abrahamyan told Armenian
The flights were resumed as Armavia promised to reduce the debt to $3 million until the end of the day.
Airport has again suspended its services rendered to Armavia two days ago. The flights were resumed after the company transferred a certain amount. At the moment Armavia’s debt totals $3 million 215 thousand.
The conflict between Armavia and Armenia International Airports continues for several months. Zvartnots had suspended Armavia’s flights a number of times, and for exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, but the parties had come to an agreement as a result of negotiations.


Zvartnots airport resumes Armavia flights

Armenia International Airports CJSC (Zvartnots) resumed the servicing of Armavia air company flights October 19, 3:00 pm, the airport’s spokesman said.
“The air company has pledged to reduce the debts to USD 3 mln by the end of the working day,” Gevorg Abrahamyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, adding that Zvartnots will be forced to halt services to Armavia again, if the latter fails to fulfill the promise.
Armavia conditioned the suspension of Zvartnots airport’s services to the air company by the airport’s disapproval of the new shareholder.
Meanwhile, Zvartnots noted Armavia’s debts as the main reason behind the airport’s decision to halt servicing of the air company flights. The amount of Armavia’s debt exceeded the sum agreed on for over $1 million, bringing the total debt to $3,360 million.
As Armenian media outlets reported earlier, either owner of Zvartnots airport, Argentinean Armenian entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian, or Armenian president’s son-in-law Mikael Minasyan planned to purchase Armavia. However, Eurnekian denied the rumors later.


"Armavia" has a debt of USD 3 million 215,000 to "Zvartnots" Airport

"Zvartnots" Airport again stopped the flights of "Armavia" Airlines in the morning of October 19. This was announced by the press secretary of the airport Gevorg Abrahamyan. In a conversation with "Armenpress" Abrahamyan said: ""Armavia" should have already reduced its debts to USD 2 million 360,000 long ago, but now it has a debt of UDS 3 million 215,000. The airlines promised to partially pay its debt off reducing it to USD 3 million".
Press Secretary of "Armavia" Airlines Nana Avetisyan mentioned that they keep paying off the debt by transferring some money each day. Avetisyan said: "In few hours "Armavia" Airlines will announce the needed period of time to be able to reduce the debt to the amount of USD 2 million 360,000 mentioned in the agreement. This question is now under discussion at the conference in the company".
This is not the first time that the airport refuses to serve flights of the airline due to the debts. "Zvartnots" Airport again stopped serving "Armavia" flights in the morning of October 18.


Armavia paid part of its debt to Zvartnots airport

Armavia air company has paid the debt due to which Zvartnots airport grounded flights, company representative told Armenian
He said the company paid amount exceeding the permitted level and now there is no reason to suspend flights.
The airport suspended its services rendered to Armavia two days ago. The flights were resumed after the company transferred a certain amount. Earlier Armavia’s debt totaled $3 million 215 thousand. Armavia promised to reduce the debt to $3 million until the end of the day.
The conflict between Armavia and Armenia International Airports continues for several months. Zvartnots had suspended Armavia’s flights a number of times, and for exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, but the parties had come to an agreement as a result of negotiations.


Armavia Saga: Struggling national air carrier’s flights suspended again

The situation around the unresolved dispute between Armenia’s national air carrier and the country’s main international airport continues to cause problems keeping hundreds of current and potential passengers in suspense.

On Thursday morning the Armenia International Airports company again suspended its services of Armavia flights from the Zvartnots airport, leaving dozens of passengers hoping to get to Moscow stranded in Yerevan. Another Armavia flight scheduled for Thursday also appeared jeopardized because of the continuing financial dispute between the two companies.

The situation around Armavia was in the media focus again on Wednesday as the airline’s flights were first stopped in the morning and later resumed in the evening.

Zvartnots airport officials say the flights services for Armavia were terminated because of the company’s debt exceeding the amount of $1 million. The two companies reportedly agreed on that when resolving a major money dispute earlier this year.

Zvartnots Airport press secretary Gevorg Abrahamyan told ArmeniaNow on Thursday that Armavia’s debt to the airport reached $3.6 and $225,000 of that sum was paid on Wednesday, after which the service of Armavia flights resumed for several hours.

“We expected Armavia to pay some of that debt today as well, but they haven’t yet made any step in this direction, so this situation will continue as long as the airline does not take steps to reduce the amount of debt that it currently has,” said Abrahamyan.

Armavia spokesperson Nana Avetisova said on Thursday that the airline made payments on a daily basis and was gradually reducing its debt to the Zvartnots airport. She said that on October 17 the company made a fresh payment, but that money would not appear on the Zvartnots airport’s account until the next day.

Differences between Armavia and Armenia International Airports have emerged on quite a regular basis lately. The last time problems over payments and service-rendering emerged was in late September. Then the airport again suspended its services to the airline.

Armavia press secretary Avetisova said on Wednesday that the decision by Armenia International Airports to stop services most likely was due to the fact that the airline will soon have a new shareholder, which “the airport probably doesn’t like.”

But airport spokesman Abrahamyan told ArmeniaNow that they did not have any information about any new shareholder.

“We ourselves would like to know who this new shareholder is in order to clarify the relationship with the company,” he said.

Armavia does not yet disclose the name of its new shareholder, saying that “it is a commercial secret” and promising to report related information in due time.

Earlier, some local media reported that Argentine-Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian, whose company now manages the Zvartnots airport, was planning to buy Armavia. Eurnekian denied the reports later. The Armenian president’s son-in-law Mikael Minasyan has been named by some media as another possible buyer.


Oct 17, 2012

"Zvartnots" Airport will continue serving "Armavia"

"Zvartnots" Airport will resume serving flights of "Armavia" National Air Cargo Transportation Company, as the company has already transferred 90 million AMD to "Zvartnots". This was said by Press Secretary of "Zvartnots" Airport Gevorg Abrahamyan a conversation with "Armenpress".
Abrahamyan said: "We will continue serving "Armavia"  Air Cargo Transportation from 11:15 tomorrow till the 512th flight".
In one of the previous conversations with "Armenpress" Press Secretary of "Zvartnots" airport Gevorg Abrahamyan declared that "Zvartnots" Airport had again stopped serving flights of "Armavia" Airline, as "Armavia" exceeded the limit of debts mentioned in the agreement for 1 million USD.
This is not the first time that the airport refuses to serve flights of the airline. Last time "Zvartnots" Airport refused to serve flights of the airline on September 20, 2012.


Grounding of Armenian national carrier’s flights linked with new shareholder?

According to Armavia Airline Company, which is Armenia’s national carrier, Armenian capital city Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport’s suspension of its services rendered to Armavia is linked with the emergence of the company’s new shareholder, an Armavia representative told Armenian  
As per the company, it seems the airport’s administration is not happy with the appearance of a new shareholder. “But they did not consider that this causes an inconvenience for the passengers, the airport, and Armavia,” the company representative noted. Incidentally, the identity of the new shareholder will be announced in the coming days.
With respect to the query as to whether the reason for grounding the flights of Armavia is its exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, the representative stated that the debt is being paid on a daily basis. 
As Armenian informed earlier, the Zvartnots International Airport once again suspended its services rendered to the flights of Armavia Airline Company. According to our information, the reason is again Armavia’s huge outstanding debts to the airport.
To note, Armavia’s flights were grounded in med-September as well, but, subsequently, the Armenia International Airports Company—which owns Zvartnots International Airport—had resumed Armavia’s flights because arrangement was made on the payment of debts.
The conflict between Armavia and Armenia International Airports continues for several months. Zvartnots had suspended Armavia’s flights a number of times, and for exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, but the parties had come to an agreement as a result of negotiations.


Zvartnots airport resumes services to Armavia

Armenia International Airports CJSC (Zvartnots) resumed services to Armavia company 4:30 pm, local time, the airport’s spokesman said.
“Armavia has transferred AMD 90 mln to Zvartnots. Details on the airport’s servicing of the air company flights will be clarified tomorrow, 11:00 am,” Gevorg Abrahamyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.
Dwelling on Armavia’s statement suggesting Zvartnots disapproves of the company’s new shareholder, the spokesman said the airport is unaware who the shareholder is.
“We ourselves would like to know his name to specify further relations with the air company,” he said.
Armenian national carrier Armavia has refused to reveal the name of the new shareholder of the company.
“That’s a business secret. We will announce the name when the time comes,” the company’s representative told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, conditioning the suspension of Zvartnots airport’s services to Armavia by the airport’s disapproval of the new shareholder.
Meanwhile, Zvartnots noted Armavia’s debts as the main reason behind the airport’s decision to halt servicing of the air company flights. The amount of Armavia’s debt exceeded the sum agreed on for over $1 million, bringing the total debt to $3,360 million.
As Armenian media outlets reported earlier, either owner of Zvartnots airport, Argentinean Armenian entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian, or Armenian president’s son-in-law Mikael Minasyan planned to purchase Armavia.


Oct 11, 2012

Owner to sell Armavia Airlines

Armenian Armavia Airlines (U8), which is owned by local businessman Mikhail Baghdasarov, has been put up for sale. Baghdasarov told the Armenian website he was negotiating the company’s sale although he did not disclose details on possible buyers. However, reported he is considering potential buyers from Russia, Australia and Italy. Baghdasarov said there are no Armenian businessmen who could buy the airline.
U8, which operates regular and charter international flights, has most of its network in Russia. The airline’s fleet includes two Airbus A320s, three Bombardier CRJ200LRs, one Yakovlev 42 and three Boeing 737-500s.
U8, which took delivery of the first production Sukhoi Superjet 100 in April 2011, reached a new leasing agreement with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co. on operating terms last week.


Oct 5, 2012

Entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian not planning to buy Armavia

The owner of Zvartnots airport, Argentinean Armenian entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian has no intention to purchase Armavia air company. “I’m not planning to buy Armavia,” Eurnekian told journalists at FruitFull Armenia Yerevan-hosted agriculture forum.
The businessman said he seeks to continue inventing in Armenia’s winemaking sector, also meaning to expand investments to cover other fields.


Baghdasarov: Armavia’s potential buyer is not from Armenia has interviewed Armavia Air Company owner Mikhail Baghdasarov. Below we present some excerpts from the interview.

- Rumors say Mikayel Minasyan plans to buy Armavia. Are you really negotiating with him? Who is the potential buyer of the airline?

- No, I am not negotiating with him…. I am negotiating with some people from Australia, Italy and Russia. We have 3-4 variants. This is a commercial secret. I cannot tell you who is the buyer until he buys the company, because it could be insulting for the buyer.

- You said they are Italians, Australians. Isn’t there some businessman in Armenia who would wish and would be able to buy the airline?

- There is no businessman of that level in Armenia. They even have no idea that there are deep business processes and problems in this field.

- I think you have sufficient potential to “fix up” Armavia independently. Why are you selling it?

- I am not able to “fix it up” because very large sums are required for this. The crisis forced us to return all planes and buy new ones. These things are not so easy.

Armavia, Sukhoi agree on SSJ100 terms

Armenian carrier Armavia (U8), which took delivery of the first production Sukhoi Superjet 100 in April 2011, has reached a new leasing agreement with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co. on operating terms (ATW Daily News, April 20, 2011).
The carrier has refused to operate the aircraft this summer for reasons that have not been announced officially. It also refused to take delivery of the second aircraft it ordered.
According to a statement on Sukhoi’s website, the parties have reached a six-month lease agreement. “After its termination, the parties will meet again to continue discussions on the issue,” Sukhoi said. The negotiations on the second aircraft are continuing.


Oct 2, 2012

Airplane SSJ100 (MSN 95007) arrived to Yerevan

CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" and the airline company “Armavia” came to agreement over the terms of airplane SSJ100 (MSN 95007), Armenpress reports.
As Armenpress has been informed from “Armavia” company, the parties signed the lease agreement, which will come into force after removing the custom requirements of the application and financial detention. “Armavia” will restore the flights of the plane in near future. National airlines will be exploiting the plane, while the "Sukhoi civil aircraft" will be the lessor. This rental agreement will be valid for 6 months, after which the parties will meet and discuss their future actions.
MSN 95007 airplane belonging to “Armavia” was in Moscow in the centre of "Sukhoi civil aircraft" company, which passed the technical test today and arrived to Armenia.
Earlier Armenpress was informed that that “Armavia” was planning to renounce from the Russian airplanes referring to technical issues.


Sep 26, 2012

Armenian national airline carrier’s owner is selling company? – newspaper

Hraparak daily reports that it received information on Tuesday that Armenia’s national carrier Armavia Airline Company’s owner Mika Baghdasarov is selling the Company to an Italian company.  
“It is not yet clear which shares [of Armavia] this is about, but he recently brought the Italians to his office and introduced them to his staff.
[And] His adviser Zhasmen Vilyan said: ‘I wouldn’t say [the Company] is completely sold, but Baghdasarov never ruled out [the possibility that] he could sell the Company at some point. Overall, he has a policy of developing an unknown company and selling [it],’” Hraparak writes.


Armavia sold out to Italians?

Hraparak daily was informed on Tuesday that Mikhail Baghdasarov plans to sell Armavia Air Company to some Italian company. The volume of shares to be sold is not yet specified, but it is reported that Baghdasarov brought the Italians to his office and introduced them to the staff.

Baghdasarov’s adviser, Jasmine Vilyan, said to the daily, “I would not say that the company is totally sold out, but Baghdasarov never ruled out the possibility that he can sell the company at some moment.”


The rumors are confirmed: ''Armavia'' will be sold

Owner of the Armenian national aviation company ''Armavia'' Mikhail Baghdasarov intends to sell his company. Armenian media representatives have spread this information and the press service of the company confirmed it.
''Yes, there are such plans. But there is no final decision if the Italians will be the buyers or not'', speaker of the ''Armavia'' Nana Avetisova told
''It is well-known fact that the world aviation has been in financial crisis for already three years and nearly all comanies work without profit'', she said.
Answering to the question by which part of the company will be sold N. Avetisova said that nothing exactly is known now and she could not publish a name of any company.


Strategic Sellout: News of national air carrier’s purchase by foreign company raises concerns in Armenia

Armenia’s national air carrier Armavia will soon have a new foreign owner, which, according to some experts, is “dangerous and unadvisable” from the national security point of view.

Armavia’s current owner Mikhail Bagdasarov confirmed the information about the airline’s sale, saying that at the moment there are two main likely buyers – one of them is an Italian company, the country of origin of the other likely buyer is not mentioned yet.

In the last year or so Armavia has been on the verge of bankruptcy and the Zvartnots international airport on several occasions had to discontinue servicing the airline’s regular flights, which created inconveniences for air passengers.

Armavia officials said still in 2010 that the company was working in very unfavorable conditions imposed by the consequences of the global economic crisis and that the prices for services set by the Zvartnots were rather high.

According to Armavia, Zvartnots charges about 20 euros per passenger for its services, while in Georgia, for example, the country’s national air carrier enjoys a discount and pays a fee of only 4 euros per passenger and Armavia there pays 12 euros.

The sellout of another strategic facility of Armenia to a foreign company has raised more concerns in the country that already has its major strategic sectors (such as railway, communications, electricity and gas, water supply) owned or run by foreign companies, mostly from Russia.

Political analyst Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan described it as regrettable that Armenia is losing control of another strategic direction.

“I have always been against the sale of strategically important sectors of the economy to foreign companies. Gaps in the legislation should be revisited so that the state should remain in control [of such sectors]. Otherwise, it will always involve risks,” he told ArmeniaNow.

Management expert Harutyun Mesrobyan, too, believes that “the sale of a strategic sector is dangerous from the point of view of national security”, but he stresses that Armavia has never been a ‘truly national’ air carrier.

“What is given to oligarchs’ control cannot be national, because the top priority for oligarchs is to rake in excessive profits,” Mesrobyan told ArmeniaNow. “It was for these excessive profits that Armavia worked outside the competitive field.”

Mesrobyan also stressed that in any case in strategic industries the government should either share in the capital or have control instituted by law.

“But since we are not a ‘national’ state, since oligarchs and ‘the national’ are incompatible, it is pointless to talk about any progress in the oligarchy-based economy,” Mesrobyan concluded.


Armavia air company may be sold to Italian firm – paper

According to a source, the owner of Armavia Mikhail Baghdasarov plans to sell the air company to an Italian firm, Hraparak daily reported.  Though no info on exact part of the shared to be sold was revealed, recently, Baghdasaro took the representatives of the Italian firm on a tour of the comnay headquarters.  As Baghdasarov adviser Zhasmen Vilyan noted, “I wouldn’t say the company is fully sold. However, Baghdasarov never ruled out plans to sell it at one point, his policy being to boost some minor company to the point it can be sold at a profit.


National air carrier Armavia on sale

National air carrier Armavia Company is going to be sold. Armavia company press secretary Nana Avetisyan confirmed the news being circulated for quite a long time. ''Yet  it is not clear who is going to purchase the company, Italians or somebody else: many wish to buy the Company ''Avetisyan stated.
 Armavia selling can be reasoned by not being profitable under critical circumstances.
Armavia and Zvartnots international airports have signed agreement on March 15, 2011, in accordance to which the airport agreed to meet "Armavia" requirement, particularly reviewing the service tariffs. Armavia in its turn committed to stand the accumulated debts by September accordingly to the schedule timetable . Armavia accumulated 5, 3 million dollar within 6 months.


Mikhail Baghdasarov negotiates sale of Armavia Air Company

Armavia Air Company owner Mikhail Baghdasarov negotiates the company’s sale. Nana Avetisova, a spokesperson for the company, confirmed this information to However, she did not specify the volume of shares to be sold.  Armenian media reports say Armavia Air Company will be sold out to Italians.  Mrs Avetisova noted that there is no final decision yet as to whom to sell the company to.  “There are some companies that want to buy Armavia. I cannot tell you whether their number is large or small, but I can say that we have choice and alternative to select among them.”  Armavia Air Company frequently has financial problems with Zvartnots Airport, as a result of which Zvartnots refuses to operate Armavia flights.


Armavia resumes regular flights to Frankfurt

Armenia’s national carrier Armavia will resume regular flights to Germany’s Frankfurt city starting October 30, 2012.  Run by transport company Fraport, Frankfurt Airport is by far the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany, the third busiest in Europe (after London Heathrow Airport and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport) and the ninth busiest worldwide in 2011.  “Yerevan- Frankfurt-Yerevan flights will operate once a week, on Tuesdays,” the air company’s press service reported.


Zvartnots airport continues services to Armavia air company

Zvartnots airport continues services to Armavia air company on September 24, airport spokesman said.  As Gevorg Abrahamyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, the company paid part of debts to the airport.  Zvartnots airport suspended services to Armavia air company on September 19 over the latter’s debts. However, Armavia was allowed to continue flights to save passengers the inconvenience until September 24.


Sep 22, 2012

Armavia given time to repay the debt because of Independence Day

Although Armavia air company did not repay the debt on Thursday,  “Armenia” International Airports CJSC, taking into account the interests of its customers and the upcoming Independence Day, decided to resume serving Armavia flights staring from 6 p.m., the company said in a press statement.
As reported earlier, Armavia-Zvartnots conflict continues for several months. Earlier Zvartnots suspended the flights because of air company’s debts but then the sides started talks and seemed to reach an agreement.
Owner of Armavia Mikhail Baghdasarov said the company will go into bankruptcy and shut down unless Zvartnots Airport changes its price policy.
“Unless we come to an agreement we will declare bankruptcy, return the air-tickets, sell the airplanes and settle the debts,” said Baghdasarov.


Armavia fails to pay debts to Zvartnots in time over past non-working days

Armavia air company failed to pay its debts to Zvartnots airport in time over the past non-working days, Armavia’s statement reads.
“It will be possible only within 2-3 days. It comes as a warning from the airport. On the eve of upcoming holidays, the airport wants Armavia to make a prepayment, which is not possible, either. It’s incorrect to issue such warnings to Armavia through flight delays and causing inconvenience for passengers) on the eve of Armenia’s Independence Day,” the company’s statement reads.
Zvartnots airport has suspended services to Armavia air company over the latter’s debts. However, Armavia was allowed to continue September 19 flights to save passengers the inconvenience.
On the morning of September 20, Zvartnots services to Armavia were halted.
As Zvartnots press-service told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, Armavia’s debt to the airport has further increased, with many previous instances of flights halted over the air company’s debts.


Sep 9, 2012

,,Armavia” to restore flights to Aleppo

National air carrier "Armavia" company is to restore regular flights to Aleppo on September 10. Nana Avetisova, the press secretary of the company, noted in her interview with Armenpress that Syrian Armenain children who have been on holidays in Armenia will return to Aleppo on additional flight on September 9. Flights to Aleppo have been temporarily suspended beginning from September 2. : National air carrier "Armavia" company did several additional flights to Aleppo, due to the critical situation in Syria.
Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Diaspora, the head of the working group dealing with Syrian problems Firdus Zakaryan informed Armenpress that more than hundred children will leave Armenia on additional flights.   


Sep 3, 2012

Armavia ceases flights to Aleppo

Since today, Armavia Air Company ceases its flights to Aleppo.

“The reason is the threat of the Syrian opposition and the lack of communication with Syria. In this way the security of the passengers is guaranteed,” the statement of the Air Company reads.


Armavia cancels flights to Syria’s Aleppo

Armenian national carrier Armavia has canceled Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flights.
As the company’s spokesperson Nana Avetisova told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, the decision was taken due to the deteriorating situation in Syria, as the airports in Aleppo and Damascus “can be targeted by rebels.”


Aug 16, 2012

Armavia cannot reject second Sukhoi SuperJet

Armenian national carrier Armavia cannot reject the second Sukhoi SuperJet (SSJ), without having paid for the first one, official representative of the Civil Jets Sukhoi (CJS) Andrey Muravyev told Armenian He confirmed reports spread by the Russian outlets that Armavia owes the CJS $4 million for the first SSJ, currently the jet is at the CJS for examination. Everything depends on Armavia, if the company pays for the jet, it will come to Armenia.
Besides, the debt for the first jet hampers rejection from the second jet, as the contract was concluded for two jets at once.
In response to the question about the price for the first jet, Muravyev said it made about $25-26 million. Whereas Armavia has concluded a contract with the BTB-Armenia bank in the amount of $55-60 million for purchasing the two jest.


Aug 6, 2012

Armavia refuses to take back repaired Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane

Armavia Armenian airline company has refused to take back repaired Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The company currently owns two SSJ planes.
“We haven’t issued any official statements. We find having the repaired aircraft back inappropriate,” the company’s press service reported.
Earlier, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft CJSC noted that Armenian Air Company is reluctant to pay off its debts for aircraft maintenance. According to the company’s representative Andrey Muraviev, “Armavia” SSJ is currently in Zhukovsky flight test center.


Armavia gives Superjet-100 the boot

The first customer of the Sukhoi Superjet-100 airliner has decided it’s no longer going to fly the type. Armenian airline Armavia became the launch customer of the 100 seat aircraft taking delivery of a plane in 2011.
Armavia has refused to go through with the purchase of a second plane, and both are now at the Sukhoi civil aircraft test facility in Zhukovsky outside Moscow.
The RBC daily quotes the plane maker’s spokesman Andrei Muraviev, “So far we haven’t received any official request to cancel the purchase. We are trying to resolve all issues arising in relations with Armavia.”
Another source familiar with the situation told the newspaper that Armavia owes Sukhoi money for servicing of the first plane and refuses to pay.  Armavia reportedly used a loan from an Armenian bank to acquire the plane.
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has reportedly already offered to restructure the deal with the Armenian airline, and arrange delivery of both Sukhoi aircrafts through a leasing company.

"The plane is not bad, but not perfect. Airbuses and Boeings fly 330-350 hours per month, while the Sukhoi spent only 150 hours flying, " RBC daily quotes a source close to Armavia. “The last straw was it spent four days clearing customs in Russia to have a two-day service. But Armavia warned Sukhoi in July that it will under no circumstances use the plane” says the source. “Armavia is a small company and cannot afford experimenting and Sukhoi has already returned the money paid for the plane excluding the $1 million servicing fee,” concludes the source.
Armavia started operating the first Sukhoi Superjet plane in April 2011. The second plane was expected to be handed to the carrier last year, but it delayed delivery. In early July 2012 representatives of the Armenian airline said the airline had decided to give up the second Sukhoi  SuperJet to buy aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, which offer cheaper servicing and spare parts.
According to Armavia President Mikhail Bagdasarov, Russia has also not worked out a scheme of financing the supply of equipment to foreign companies by providing government guarantees such as lower rates for loans.
Branded as the first civilian aircraft developed from scratch in modern Russia, the SSJ-100 consists of more than 60% internationally produced components. Sukhoi however claims the jet has relatively low service costs and a fuel consumption advantage over its competitors, which would potentially bring Sukhoi new contracts, particularly after the Russian Accounting Chamber reported that the Sukhoi project has been severely underfunded through state-run programs.
Another headache is that commercial loans cannot fill in the gap as the manufacturer, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, has too large a debt portfolio to take any out. In 2003-2010, the federal government spent a total of $518 million on the SSJ-100 project through the aircraft development program, while Sukhoi drew another $842 million in off-budget investment. This means that more than $1.3 billion has already been spent on the SSJ-100, and is more than it was spent on the development of similar jets by Canada’s Bombardier and Brazil’s Embraer which required around $600 million each, and $100 million spent on the Tupolev TU-334 since 1992.
The Sukhoi Superjet-100 has suffered a series of setbacks in the past few months after a tragic crash during a demonstration flight in Indonesia on May 9 that killed 45 people on board. The crash, however, was attributed to human error.
A Sukhoi Superjet-100 airliner with 64 passengers and six crew members on board had to make an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo Airport last week due to a technical problem, RIA-Novosti reported on Friday.
At the recent Farnborough Air Show, many potential customers were reluctant to commit after the Indonesian accident, suspending orders until the results of the investigation are announced.  Sukhoi did not conclude any contracts, only announcing that Mexico’s Interjet’s option has been turned into an order, and that the company plans to bring the number of jets on its portfolio to 210 over the next few months, signing contracts with three Asian airlines.


Aug 5, 2012

50 Syrians arrive in Armenian capital on Armavia plane

Armavia air company operated an additional Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight at 2:1 pm local time on August 2 despite its unprofitability.
According to the company’s press service, Yerevan- Aleppo flight operated without passengers.
The number of passengers arriving in Armenian capital from Aleppo totaled 50, Armavia press service told PanARMENIANNet.
SAG-200 50-seat plane was operating Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight.


“Armavia” implemented Yerevan-Aleppo the first additional flight

Armenian national air carrier “Armavia” company on August 2 at 14:01 o’clock implemented Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan the first additional flight. Armenpress was informed from press service of the company that the airplane from Yerevan to Aleppo left without passengers because of absence of demand. It is planned that the airplane from Aleppo will arrive in Yerevan at 18:25 o’clock.
The flight was implemented by SAG-200 airplane which has 50 seats. The number of passengers at situation of 16:00 was 47 people. “Armavia implemented the flight staying loyal to his word despite the non-profitability of the flight” is said in the massage spread by the company.
The first additional flight was planned on August 1 by plane Boing with 108 seats but because of the absence of the passengers did not take place.


Aug 1, 2012

August 1 Arvamia flight to Aleppo cancelled over lack of passengers

August 1 Armavia air company‘s Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight was cancelled over lack of passengers.
According to Armavia, the air company is ready to operate an additional flight in case of necessity.


Armavia plane repaired fully after bird appeared in turbine engine

The Armavia has mitigated the consequences of the incident when a bird appeared in the engine turbine of the plane, the company representative told Armenian
The Armenian national carrier said the plane was repaired and scheduled flights were restored.
As reported earlier, the Armavia national carrier postponed all the flights because of a bird on Monday. When one of the Armavia jets was landing in the noon at the Zvartnots international airport, a bird appeared in the engine turbine and brought forward serious damages.


“Armavia” to launch extra flights to Syria

“Armavia” company starts additioanl flights to Syria. “Armenpress” was informed by the Airline News Service that Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan additional flights are scheduled to be implemented since August 1.
“Despite the clashes in Syria, particularly in the city of Aleppo, the national air carrier “Armavia” air company demonstrating patriotism, lends a friendly hand to the Syrian Armenians in order to bring them out of war zone”, reads the statement made by the company.
Additional flights are planned to be carried out also on August 8, 15, 22 and 29. The flights will be implemented by “Boeing” aircraft with 108 seats.


Jul 28, 2012

‘’Armavia’’ Air Company to continue its flights to Syria

Regardless the international   persuasions and current dangers pertain to flights of Syria, ‘’Armavia’’ Air Company is going to carry out its  flights , as well as is intended to open additional flights by the support of Armenian Government. Armenpress  reports citing official announcement provided by National Air Carrier. 
‘’Armavia’’ considers necessary to allocate appropriate assistance to our foreign compatriots.  The Company already has experience in the transportation of passengers, registered particularly in the course of Lebanese conflict.
 16 months ongoing clashes resulted in the death of 7 thousand 192 people, according to the Syrian Human Rights Organization . The Arab media reports that among the dead11 thousand 897 were peaceful civilians, and 4348 were security officers. Among the victims there were 7 Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries. The Syrian riots make the Syrians leave the country appearing in other countries as refugees. Recently the Armenian community representatives also leave the country. The refugee status or asylum applications from Syria are considered in an accelerated procedure, at least ten days.

Jul 26, 2012

Armavia ready to operate two flights to Syria a week

Armenian national carrier Armavia Company has declared it is ready to operate two flights a week to Syria with the support of the Armenian Government and the Ministry of Diaspora.  The company informs that in this case the air tickets will be almost free, as it was the case with Libya a few years ago.  


Armavia is ready to assist the repatriating Syrian-Armenians

The Armenian Ministry of Diaspora applied to the “Armavia” company asking to make available a second flight per week with Aleppo-Yerevan direction . Chief of Media and Public Relations Department of the Ministry Tevos Nersisyan informed Armenpress, that the time of flight launching is not clear enough.
Chief of Public Relations Department of “Armavia” Anahit Aivazyan gave an informatin to Armenpress, that the national air carrier and the Armenian Government are still negotiating. The company will make an announcement soon regarding the flight details.
On July 26 the Armenian Government made a modification in a decision, according to which Armenians from Syria and Lebanon, in the case of obtaining the Armenian citizenship, could get their passports from Armenian diplomatic representations. According to another decision, the Executive Body confirmed that Armenian foreign citizens could have an opportunity to obtain an Armenian visa in the checkpoints of the Armenian border.


Jul 25, 2012

Armenian activists held a protest action in front of “Armavia” office

Today a group of activists held a protest action in front of the general office of “Armavia” aviation-company in Yerevan. The participants of the protest action claim the company must overview preices of the flight Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan.
Civilian activist Nvard Manasyan applied to “Armavia” and especially said:
“We have borne for many years in order to have just one national aviation server. Now “Armavia” completely failed in its title as national. Now Armenians in Syria have problems and are unable to reach Armenia, but the so-called national company makes money using the tragedy of the people. We call on you to realize what “national” is and as you are protected from the equal competition we call on you to act for the nation. If you are now unable to prove that you are national, so we do not need you at all. If we have other problems in future we will not need you at all. Why are you called national? When you see the situation in Syria and the condition of Armenians in Syria you must show humanitarian attitude. Where is your social responsibility? We have a real problem today and if you are unable to settle it so throw away your title “national” and just be an aviation company and participate in the international competition equally”.
Another activist, Apres Zohrabyan, considers that “Armavia” is just cheating when it says that the ticket seller company has raised the price.
“Armenia has suffered many difficult moments. We have seen earthquake, collapse of economy and just it these hard days we had support by the Armenians in Diaspora and especially by the Armenians in Syria. And if we now let “Armavia” act in such way, it will be ingratitude by us. “Armavia” is the only company in Armenia which reacted to the Syrian events and thought that this is a good opportunity to gain money”, A. Zohrabyan says.
Note that more and more Armenians in Syria want to leave Syria and return to Motherland now. This aim is connected with the strained situation in Syria. And “Armavia” company has raised the prices of the tickets for Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight.


Jul 21, 2012

Armavia deems speculations over Aleppo-Yerevan air tickets possible

Armavia Armenian airline company has officially denied the Syrians’ statement on the alleged letter the company received from RA Ministry of Diaspora.
“Dwelling on the rumors regarding the high ticket prices for Aleppo-Yerevan route, Armavia assesses the information as false,” according to the company’s press service.
Armavia’s message further named aircraft provision (a special expensive aircraft was purchased for the purpose), passenger service and transportation among the company’s goals.
In the message, Armenian national airline offers to address all issues related to the price and sale of tickets for Aleppo-Yerevan-Aleppo route to Syrian agents in charge of them. Air tickets for Aleppo-Yerevan route have been sold out until for the late August, which doesn’t rule out speculations.
“Special programs should be implemented in the given case. Armavia air company exercises no other rights and privileges besides its direct obligations,” the message reads.


Jul 17, 2012

Armavia has not raised the ticket prices

Armenian national airways Armavia airline has not raised the ticket prices. As Armavia airline company informed Armenpress, there are no significant changes concerning to the departing aircraft charges in the course of the last two months.
The increase was  within 2000-5000 AMD, resulted by euro exchange rate fluctuations air company   commercial department informed. The flights to Moscow, Krasnodar, Simferopol, and Barcelona prevail among the frequently travelled directions. No ticket price rising is recorded pertain to these directions.
Armavia has denied circulating rumors on the increase of Syria-Armenia flights and that  resultantly   our compatriots prefer coming Homeland by transit ways.
Currently Aleppo-Yerevan flight ticket costs 118 600 up to 210 300 AMD. Weekly one flight is implemented on Mondays.
Armavia has suspended its flights to Syria during several months, clarifying with the interstate complicated situation in Syria.
Yerevan-Aleppo flights were reopened on July 9.


Jul 13, 2012

Armavia Airlines Resumes Syria Flights

An Armavia plane flew to Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, on Monday and returned to Yerevan the following day for the first time in nearly four months.
The company suspended the flight service in March, citing the worsening security situation. Air communication between the two countries has been carried out only by the Syrian Air airline since then. Its Yerevan-Aleppo flights have been fully booked until September, a fact that led to calls for Armavia to enable more Syrian Armenians to take refuge in their country of ancestors.
The Armenian carrier said late last month that it has decided to resume the weekly service at the request of His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians. The airline spokeswoman, Nana Avetisova, said on Wednesday that all 104 tickets for its first July flight from Aleppo were quickly sold. Avetisova denied reports that Armavia has sharply raised the ticket prices.
Hundreds of Syrian Armenians are believed to have moved to Armenia in recent months. According to immigration authorities in Yerevan, about 3,000 of them applied for Armenian citizenship last year and another 2,700 in the first five months of this year.
Garbis Arabaltian, a middle-aged hairdresser from Aleppo, was among 320 people who arrived in Yerevan on a Syrian Air flight early on Wednesday. He was greeted at the Zvartnots airport by his teenage son, who migrated to Armenia two months ago and has already found a job at a Yerevan hotel. “It’s better to be in the homeland,” said the young man.
Arabaltian said his wife and younger son will join them soon. “My wife had a real ordeal last week,” he told RFE/RL’s Armenian service (  “She was at a clinic where [armed men] terrorized a doctor.”
“Things are very tense,” said one woman. “We don’t know what will happen next. For example, there was an explosion yesterday. Everyone was shocked but fortunately … nobody was hurt.”
Not all arriving Syrian Armenians have decided to relocate to Armenia on a permanent basis. Some of them said they plan to stay in the country for several months and monitor further developments at home.
“This is our third trip to Armenia this year,” said one man who arrived at Zvartnots with his family. He said he will fly back to Aleppo later this month and will be joined by his wife and children in September.
He said the turmoil in Syria is not the only reason why they travelled to Armenia. “There is a desire to come to Armenia and this situation is helping us to do that. We also have [Armenian] identity and own a home here,” he explained.


Jul 10, 2012

“Armavia” to get Airbus and Boeing types of aircraft

“Armavia” airlines representatives met the ones of “Airbus” and “Boeing” companies in the Great Britain aviasalon, after which the national run airline has decided to acquire “Airbus” and “Boeing” types of each aircraft.
As “Armavia” airlines spokeswoman Nana Avetisova  stated  in the interview with “Armenpress”, the transaction details are kept confidential and will be known only after the end of the aviasalon. Earlier, the “Armavia” company refused the intention of acquiring another aircraft from “Sukhoi” company. The mass media speculates the information  that  the Compnay's unstable financial condition resulted in the refusal of  the deal .
The Armenian airlines signed a contract with the “Sukhoi” company on acquiring two aircraft. The first supjet was delivered to “Armavia” on April 19 ,2011 : the second one should be already achieved this month.The Russian newest aircraft currently operate only two airlines – “Aeroflot” and “Armavia”.


Armenian national carrier prefers Airbus and Boeing to Superjet

Armenian national carrier Armavia said it plans to purchase Airbus and Boeing airliners.
Representatives of Armavia met with counterparts from both producers during the Farnborough International Airshow in Britain, Interfax reports.
Air company said the details of the deal will be issued later after the close of the air show.
Meanwhile, this week Armavia announced it refused to buy the second Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane. The reason might be financial difficulties the company is faced with, the agency says.
A handover ceremony of the first Sukhoi Superjet-100 that arrived in Armenia was held at the Zvartnots international airport in Yerevan in April 2011.


Jul 9, 2012

Armenia Cancels SSJ Order

Armenian national carrier Armavia will not be buying a second Sukhoi Superjet 100, the company has said.
"Armenia is not going to buy it," airline spokeswoman Nana Avetisova told Interfax on Monday. She did not give a reason for the cancellation.
Armavia, which has a single Superjet, was the first airline to launch commercial flights using the SSJ in April 2011. It was due to take delivery of a second aircraft between June 20 and July 30 this year. The only other SSJ operator so far is Aeroflot, which has eight of the aircraft. Russian media have reported that Aeroflot's fleet has been plagued by technical difficulties. The Superjet's reputation suffered a blow when one flew into the side of an Indonesian volcano during a demonstration flight in May, killing 45 people.


On Board: Armavia resumes air link for ethnic Armenians fleeing from war-torn Syria

Armenia’s national air carrier Armavia has resumed the Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight, which was suspended in late March over escalating violence in Syria. The direct Armenia-Syria flight has great importance for Christian Armenians caught amid the internal strife in Syria.

Armavia airline press secretary Nana Avetisova told ArmeniaNow that now the company will have only one flight per week; and if the demand grows the number of flights will grow, respectively.

Late in March the national air carrier suspended the Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight explaining its step by the danger connected with the civil war in Syria. But because Syrian-Armenians keep coming to Armenia and taking refuge here (their number has reached about 3,000), and Syrian Airlines carrying out the Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight has sold out all tickets up until September, His Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, turned to Armavia, asking the company to resume the flights to and from Aleppo.

Meghri Hayitian, 21, moved to Armenia together with her family about four months ago. She told ArmeniaNow that she had been informed about more Syrian-Armenians’ arrival.

“On July 11, some of my relatives will arrive in Armenia by plane, too,” Hayitian said.
However, as Syrian-Armenian journalist Harut Yekmanian told ArmeniaNow, most Syrian-Armenians still prefer escaping to neighboring Lebanon and European countries and not Armenia. (According to the data of Armenia’s Diaspora Ministry, more than 50,000 ethnic Armenians reside in Syria). Yekmanian says that throughout this year the Aleppo-Yerevan flight has always been overloaded, and it is wrong to suppose that now more Syrian-Armenians have started coming to Armenia.

“Those who used to come for a visit are the ones now coming to Armenia,” Yekmanian concludes.
Information has recently been circulated in the press that Armavia has hiked the ticket price for the Yerevan-Aleppo flight up to 237,000 drams (about $568) against the previous 119,000 drams (about $285). Avetisova reported that the ticket prices had become 128,000 drams (about $306), and the price increase is connected with safety issues and Syria’s refusal to provide insurance. Nevertheless, it is impossible to find a ticket at $306 in travel agencies in Yerevan. For example, Geographic Travel representatives told ArmeniaNow that all the economy class tickets are sold out until August, and the tickets of higher class cost 250,000 drams (about $600).


Jul 4, 2012

Armavia denies information about its sale

Armenia’s national air carrier, Armavia, considers the widespread news about the sale of the company absurd and announced the company is expanding the geography of flights and continues its normal work.

As Armavia’s spokesperson told Armenpress, the airline is launching Amman and Milan summer flights.

Russian media is awash with reports that Armavia may be sold to former MP Harutyun Pambukyan, who is reportedly ready to offer $55 million for acquiring it from Mikhail Bagdasarov. According to sources, Armavia has serious financial problems and debts.

Armavia is the only Armenia-based airline. Its aircraft fleet includes 11 airplanes. It carries out 100 flights a week in more than 40 destinations.


Jul 3, 2012

Armenia’s national airline company denies news about its sale

Armavia Airline Company is not being sold, Company Press Secretary Nana Avetisova told Armenian 
According to her, the news about Armavia being sold is absurd and, on the contrary, the Company is currently attempting to expand the geographical scope of its flights.   
As Armenian informed earlier, the Russian  website on Monday posted a large article on Russian companies’ desire to purchase the Armavia Airline Company, which is Armenia’s national carrier. And it was even mentioned that the initial business deal price is US$ 55 million.      
To note, former Armenian MP Harutyun Pambukyan was co-owner of the Max Group Company. But according to most recent information, he left the company and, now, he conducts business in Moscow.
And Pambukyan already made a formal offer to Armavia’s owner Mikhail Baghdasarov, wrote.


“Armavia” company may be bought by Harutyun Pambukyan

Armenian businessman, former deputy Harutyun Pambukyan wants to buy “Armavia” aviation company from his current owner Mika Baghdasarov. Russian has written an article named “Moscow pretends “Armavia””. In the article the news agency refers to its sources and informs that “Armavia” will be sold to the Armenian businessman living in Moscow.
Armenian national aviation-company has some financial problems and “Rosaviation” aims to expand Armenian market for the Russian companies.
According to the source Harutyun Pambukyan has already made the appropriate offer to the “Armavia” owner.
“He offered 55 million USD for the aviation company”, the source informed the news agency but not announce the names of the Russian investors who pretends for the actives.
According to the source the company may be sold till the end of this year.
“Armavia” is the only aviation company in Armenia. The company’s air park consists of 3 Airbus A319, 2 Airbus A320, 2 CRJ-200LR, 1ЯК-42 and 1 Sukhoi Superjet 100. 1 SSJ-100 is expected soon as well.


No sale of Armavia airline – rep

The reports on the sale of Armavia airline to the businessman Harutyun Pambunkyan and a number of Russian businessmen are false.

Armavia Press Secretary Nana Avetisyan refuted the reports as absurd.

She noted that the airline is expanding its flight geography – more flights to Beirut will be made, and a flight to Birmingham has been opened.

Amravia plans to lease an Airbus А320. The airline has also opened new flights, Amman and Milan, for the summer season.

Russian mass media reported that a pool of Russian investors intends to purchase the Armavia airline.

Armavia owner Mikhail Baghdasarov reportedly received a business proposition from Harutyun Pambunkyan, an ex-member of Armenia’s parliament, who is now residing in Moscow. He is reportedly offering $55m for the airline. The airline may be sold by the end of this year, the source reports, without naming the Russian investors.


Armenian businessman Harutyun Pambukyan wants to buy Armavia

A businessman, former MP Harutyun Pambukyan wants to buy Armavia airline from its current owner Mikhail Baghdasarov, says, citing its sources.

The national carrier has serious financial issues while Rosaviatsia wants to expand Armenian market for Russian airlines.

According to the source, Pambukyan has already proposed a deal to the owner. “Together with his Moscow partners, he is offering $55 million for acquiring the airline,” the media reports, without revealing the names of the Russian investors. The source claims the deal may be concluded by the end of the year.

Armavia is the only airline in Armenia.


Pambukyan will "Armavia" kaufen

Der Unternehmer Harutyun Pambukyan will mit seinen Kollegen in Moskau die Gesellschaft "Armavia" kaufen. Die Gesellschaft hat ernste Finanzprobleme.
"Pambukyan will mit seinen russischen Kollegen "Armavia" mit 55 Millionen Dollar kaufen", - darüber schreibt


Jun 29, 2012

Armenia's national airline resuming flights to Syria on request from the Catholicos

Armenia's national airline, Armavia, is due to resume on July 2 regular flights to Aleppo, a Syrian city where the majority of the Arab country's ethnic Armenian community lives, after suspending them in March due to due to the domestic political crisis in Syria, company spokeswoman Nana Avetisova said.

"In view of great demand for Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flights and a request from the Catholicos Karekin II of All Armenians it has been decided to resume traffic," Avetisova told Interfax.

Initially there would be one flight per week in each direction, but there would be more flights afterward if necessary, she said.

There are 60,000 ethnic Armenians in Syria. Aleppo is home to 45,000 of them.

Earlier, foreign Armenian foreign minister Vartan Oskanyan made an entry on his Facebook page urging the Armenian government to help Syria's ethnic Armenians.

Yerevan-Aleppo flights have been suspended since March 25, 2012.


Armenian Airline to Resume Flight to Troubled Syrian City

Armenian air carrier Armavia announced Friday that it is to resume the flight to the Syrian city of Aleppo next week.
The Yerevan-Aleppo flight, which has been put on hold because of the situation in Syria, will take place every Monday, local media outlet Armenpress quoted Nana Avetisova, the company's press-secretary, as saying.
"We are resuming the flight because of the request from Armenian society" and others, said Avetisova, adding that it will offer Syrian Armenians the opportunity to reach Armenia in case of emergency.
The Syrian Armenian community currently numbers nearly 100,000, according to the report.


Armavia restores Yerevan-Aleppo flights

“Armavia” national carrier company restores Yerevan-Aleppo regular flights. Armenpress was informed from the press responsible person of the company Nana Avetisova that from July 2 each Monday with periodicity one flight in a week will be implemented Yerevan-Aleppo flights. It is possible that in future the schedule is reviewed.
“We restored the flights based on request of society, individual citizens and His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians” mentioned Avetisova.
Yerevan-Aleppo flights were stopped since March of current year based on security concerns because of international difficult situation.
Because of clashes which last already 16 months more than 10 000 people have died in Syria. Armenian community also had losses: 6 Armenians have been killed, 4 of them were soldiers of Syrian army.


Armavia restores Yerevan-Aleppo flights

From July 2nd the Armenian national carrier Armavia will restore the Yerevan-Aleppo flights, suspended from March 25, taking into consideration the situation in Syria and its consequences.

Meanwhile, expert in Arabic studies Suren Manukyan says that the Syrian events may continue for years. He does not see the possibility of solving the issue at this point.

The shooting down of the Turkish warplane by Syria was a message to Turkey to hint that its relations with neighbors would aggravate. However, the expert says Damascus could not have made the decision on its own. Therefore, he is assured that it was supported by Moscow.

The reaction of the West to the incident was interesting. According to Suren Manukyan, this means that the West is not ready for war. “If NATO ignores this, it means that it cannot be a reason for war,” he said.

The expert believes the West is implementing a different program in Syria. It is trying to exert influence on the events through financial-economic sanctions. 


Armavia air company resumes flights to Aleppo

Armavia air company announced resumption of regular flights to Aleppo starting July 2.
The flight will be operating once a week, on Mondays, the air company’s press service said.


Jun 16, 2012

Yerevan-Amman new flight has been opened

“Armavia” company continues to implement the policy of expanding the geography of the flights. The best proof of it is the fact that on June 13 the frist flight from Yerevan to the capital of Jordan Amman was implemented. The first passengers od the flight became the owner of “Armavia” company Michael Baghdasarov, journalists as well as passengers who had waited for a long time to the opening of this flight. Armenpress reports that the flight was implemented by “Boeing 737” plane which was named after famous Armenian painter Hovhaness Aivazovsky. One of the passengers Garnik Avagyan was going to visit his daughter. He stressed the importance of the flight because due to it he would be able to visit his daughter not once in three or four years but more frequently: the direct flight is cheaper and faster. Michael Baghdasarov told journalists that before opening the flight he had studied the field and highly estimated its necessity. “We are sure that it will be very good for Armenian tourists will be opened with their whole beauty Amman and Red sea” he said. Michael Baghdasarov mentioned that steps must be implemented in order to increase the cooperation. “It will be comfortable to visit Amman not only in summer but in spring and autumn as it is warm here. I am sure that everyone will enjoy it” he said. There will be one flight during the week – on Wednesdays, but it is not excluded that in future it can be implemented twice or three timed a week.


Mar 13, 2012

Armenian Airline, Airport ‘Settle’ Dispute

The Armenian government said on Tuesday that it has helped the Armavia national airline to settle a bitter financial dispute with Yerevan’s Zvartnots international airport that threatened to disrupt flights to and from the country.

The dispute centers on Armavia’s $6.2 million debt to the airport incurred for ground services which the private carrier considers extremely expensive. Armavia’s owner, Mikhail Bagdasarov, last week threatened to file for bankruptcy unless an Argentine company managing Zvartnots cuts the service fees.

Bagdasarov claimed that some of those tariffs are two and even three times higher than at much larger airports in Russia and Europe. He gave the Zvartnots management until Tuesday to address his demands.

A spokeswoman for Armenia’s Civil Aviation Department told RFE/RL’s Armenian service ( that the two sides reached a compromise agreement during two-day negotiations mediated by the department chief, Artyom Movsesian. “The two sides have reached an agreement and will operate on mutually beneficial conditions,” Nelli Cherchinian said.

In Cherchinian’s words, the settlement envisages “expedient conditions for Armavia to repay its debts and continue its operations.” “A clear timetable for debt repayment has been developed,” she said.

The official declined to specify whether Zvartnots agreed to lower its service fees. Neither the airport administration nor Armavia could be reached for comment.

The two companies already announced a compromise deal in March last year after the airport delayed several Armavia flights because of outstanding debts.


Zvartnots Airport makes concession to Armavia

Upon completion of meeting on March 13 between Zvartnots International Airport and Armavia Air Company through support of General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA), it became clear that the company will further continue its activity, Nelly Cherchinyan, GDCA spokesperson said.
“Zvartnots made concessions, setting the debt repayment plan for the air company,” she told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, adding that Armavia will launch flights with no delay under the agreements reached.


Zvartnots, Armavia reached agreement

Talks between “Zvartnots” airport and “Armavia” Airlines Company are over in Civil Aviation Department (CAD). Spokesperson for CAD Nelly Cherchinyan told Zvartnots is prepared to compromise with Armavia’s requirements and the sides have reached a certain agreement.

N. Cherchinyan refused to introduce more details saying the sides have prepared debt payment schedule, and “Armenia” international airports have promised to compromise with Armavia. Armavia airlines agreed to hold regular flights.
Further information about the agreement is not yet revealed.

Armenian major airport and national carrier are to resume negotiations

The representatives of Armavia Company and Zvartnots airport will meet on Tuesday in order to discuss the situation and further steps towards Armavia’s demand to lower service charges, spokesperson of the General Department of Civil Aviation Nelli Cherchinyan told Armenian
She mentioned that currently all the flights of Armavia are carried out regularly. But it is not known what is to happen after tomorrow’s meeting. To note, the relations of Armavia company and Zvartnots airport deteriorated in the beginning of the month. Armavia declared a strike on March 6 explaining it with the service prices of the airport.
In its turn, “Armenia” International Airports Company stated that because of the accumulated debts, Armavia Company is prohibited to carry out flights toward Russia and enter Russian air space. Moreover, it negatively assesses Armavia Airline Company’s inappropriate exploitation and its unfounded and false comments, and regrets that solely the national carrier has found itself in such situation.


Mar 10, 2012

Armavia looks for buyer?

Owner of Armavia Airlines Mikhail Baghdasarov has lately announced that Armavia will declare bankruptcy unless Zvartnots Airport reduces service costs.
Aravot daily writes that a former civil aviation official has noted that “someone has his eye on this business.”
“If they say that there is a buyer for Armavia, I will be happy to sell it. Who wants to buy it? Show me that man,” said Baghdasarov.
The newspaper reminds readers that Armenian Airlines had declared bankruptcy due to large debts, and the consequences of that are still felt.

Armavia to declare bankruptcy

According to Hayatsk daily, Armavia has resumed flights but Mikhail Baghdasarov does not believe in the guarantees given by Zvartnots Airport. He is confident that the airport will make no concessions, because it pursues a single purpose: to get super-profit by setting high prices for flights and making the airlines bankrupt.
“Therefore, according to Baghdasarov, Armavia will declare bankruptcy soon,” writes the newspaper.

Mar 6, 2012

Rosaviatsia permits Armavia to resume flights to Russia

The Federal Russian Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) resumed servicing aircrafts of national airline of Armenia Armavia, allowing the company’s flights to Russia before March 20, 2012, the Russian agency’s official press release says.
Rosaviatsia noted that the agency received a letter of guaranteed dated March 6 from Armavia, with the latter pledging to repay part of the debt for last December at the amount of USD 178 thous. by March 20, 2012. The agency noted that servicing Armavia aircrafts was suspended following reiterated warnings of the company regarding the “necessity to pay for air navigation services of its aircrafts in Russian airspace,” reports.
Armavia Air Company declared strike today, March 6, spokesperson for the national carrier said.
“The strike is caused by the new pricing policy of Yerevan Zvartnots airport which raised the service rates,” Nana Avetisova told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.
Avetisova said all flights are cancelled until price review. Armenia International Airports CJSC already responded to the strike negatively assessing Armavia's “improper speculations and groundless and false comments”.
“Armavia Company cancelled flights from Yerevan to Moscow and Rostov at 6:45 am on March 6 informing the passengers that the flights are cancelled due to high prices specified by the airport. In this regard, we inform that unlike other air companies, Armavia enjoys privileges of our special rates as a national Armenian air carrier. Furthermore, according to a telegram received by Rosaviatsia, Armavia was banned from operating flights to Russia and enter Russia air space due to accumulated debts of the company. Apparently, Armavia considers not only Armenian but also Russian tariffs to be too high for the company,” the statement said.


National carrier Armavia resumes flights

Armavia Air Company has resumed operation. According to Armenia International Airports CJSC, Armavia reached an agreement with the Federal Russian Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) regarding the company’s debts.
On Tuesday, March 6, RA General Department of Civil Aviation hosted a meeting between representatives of Armenia International Airports CJSC and Armavia Air Company. A decision was taken to hold another meeting on coming Tuesday.
“Hopefully, both passengers of Armavia and other airline companies will be serviced properly,” Armenia International Airports CJSC message says.


Short Grounding: Armavia stages delay, aviation department steps in

Armavia, Armenia’s “national carrier” airline, went on a short-lived strike today, in protest of what it called unfair administrative fees at Yerevan’s Zvartnot’s International Airport, while Armenia International Airports company says that Armavia is grounded because of outstanding debts that prohibit it from making flights to Russia.

Armavia launched the strike early this morning, halting three flights (two to Moscow and one to Rostov).

Armenia’s General Department of Civil Aviation and airline representatives called a quick meeting and in less than two hours, Armavia had called off the strike as sides in the dispute agreed to negotiate a settlement in the coming weeks.

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, passengers enroute to Moscow and to Rostov are being boarded for continuation of their delayed flights.

“All flights were cancelled, but as of now we have resumed the works and our further actions will be clear next Tuesday, by the end of the negotiations,” says Armavia Aviation Company’s press secretary Nana Avetisova.

Gevorg Abrahamyan, Spokesman for Armenia International Airports Company has reported earlier that Armavia Company, being a national means of transportation, unlike other aviation companies enjoys the special tariffs defined by Armenia International Airports Company.

“Moreover, according to the telegram received by the Rosnavigation Organization, Armavia Company’s flights to Russia and its entrance to the air territory of Russia are banned due to its debts. Most probably the tariffs not only in Armenia but also in Russia are too high for the aviation company,” Abrahamyan says adding that the flights carried out by other companies are not halted and are uninterrupted.

Armavia Company carries out about 500 flights monthly, and their number reaches 700 monthly in summer.


Striking Armenian airline company refuses to accept tickets back

Those passengers, who were to use Armavia Airline Company’s services from Armenian capital Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport on Tuesday morning, are unable to leave the Airport, and they have not even been registered.   
They told Armenian that the Airport staff informed them that Armavia is not conducting flights because of the Airport’s raising of the prices. And they did not announce as to when Armavia’s flights will resume.   
And with respect to Armavia Press Secretary Nana Avetisova’s announcement that the waiting passengers will receive food and water, the passengers collectively noted that they had not received anything.  
At present, Zvartnots and Armavia representatives are conducting talks. 
According to preliminary data, three Armavia flights are postponed so far.
Also, the Armavia office is refusing to accept back the passengers’ tickets and is advising them to return the tickets to the tourism agencies.    
In her turn, Armavia Airline Company’s Press Secretary Nana Avetisova informed that they have a problem solely with Zvartnots, and not with the Russian companies. 
And after the uproar which the news reporters raised, Nana Avetisova informed that they have ordered water and food for the waiting passengers.
To note, Armavia Airline Company’s Press Secretary Nana Avetisova had told Armenian that the Company declared a strike. She also informed that the strike will continue unless Zvartnots Airport changed its price policy. And the “Armenia” International Airports Company released a statement in response to the strike which the Armavia Airline Company announced on Tuesday morning. “The Armavia Airline Company today halted its service to the Yerevan-Moscow and Yerevan-Rostov flights, and announced to the passengers that the service is halted because of the [Armenian capital Yerevan’s Zvartnots International] Airport’s high prices. Being the national carrier, Armavia Company benefits from our company’s special prices. Furthermore, [and] because of the accumulated debts, Armavia Company is prohibited to carry out flights toward Russia and enter Russian air space. Our company negatively assesses Armavia Airline Company’s inappropriate exploitation and [its] unfounded and false comments, and regrets that solely the national carrier has found itself in such situation,” the “Armenia” International Airports Company’s statement specifically read.


Feb 29, 2012

Armavia keeps developing amid airline industry drop

Oil price surge amid international tensions negatively affects airline industry, according to Armavia airline company owner.
“This led to the bankruptcy of several international airline companies, namely Czech Airlines, Spanish airlines, while Frankfurt airport is on strike,” Mikhail Baghdasarov said.
In this context, the company owner dismissed the dependence of the air ticket prices on the company itself.
“We will do the utmost to prevent extreme price rise,” he said.
On February 29, Transaero Airlines started launching regular flights by Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow route under the codeshare agreement reached with Armavia Airlines at the end of 2011. Baghdasarov further noted that already in April the second aircraft Sukhoi Superjet will be at Armavia’s disposal. The company also plans to replenish its fleet with 321 and 320 airbuses.
Despite tense situation in global airline industry, Armavia keeps developing.


Feb 18, 2012

Armenian tourism agencies blame Armavia Airline Company and its owner – newspaper

Armenia’s several tourism agencies have serious problems in connection with the New Year passenger transportation, and as a result they have suffered losses worth tens of thousands of dollars, Hraparak daily writes.  
“Specifically, one such agency owes a huge amount to a hotel in Dubai, for the previously made reservations, since some of the passengers had canceled their tour packages at the last moment. And criminal cases are brought. Just to note, the agencies blame Armavia [Airline Company] and [its owner] Mikhail Baghdasarov for their losses,” Hraparak writes.


Feb 10, 2012

Armavia hopes non-flying weather will clear by evening

Flight delay continues at Armenia’s Zvartnots International Airport due to bad weather conditions.
Delay of a number of flights to Moscow, Dubai, Athens and Novosibirsk is conditioned by non-flying weather, Armavia Air Company press service reported.
According to Armenian meteorological service, heavy snow will stop only at night, with 7-8 degrees fall of temperature forecast.
As Nelly Cherchinyan, a spokesperson for the General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA), told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, all takeoffs and landings have been canceled, with flights to resume 40 minutes after the snow stops.


Feb 9, 2012

Armavia startet Verbindung Berlin - Jerewan ab März 2012

Endlich ist es wieder soweit. Der Winterschlaf ist vorbei und die neue Sommersaison ruft.
Ab sofort können Sie Ihren Kunden wieder Flüge ab Berlin (BER) nach Jerewan (EVN) mit Armavia buchen.

Flugpreis schon ab 290 EUR zzgl. Steuern und Gebühren

Ab dem 26.03.2012 fliegt Armavia dienstags um 09:20 in Jerewan ab und erreicht Berlin um 10:25 Ortszeit. Der Abflug ab der deutschen Haupstadt ist um 12:00 und Ankunft in Jerewan um 18:45.

Flugtickets einfach online buchen:

Source: pulexpress

Neu ab Willy Brandt Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg (BER)

Mit Armavia können Ihre Kunden ab dem 05.Juni 2012 vom modernsten Flughafen Europas nach Armenien abfliegen. Ganz entspannt mit dem Auto, Bus oder Bahn am Flughafen (BER) ankommen und in nur wenigen Schritten einchecken und sich zum Gate begeben. Mit modernen und neuen Fluggeräten dann nonstop in wenigen Stunden die Haupstadt Armeniens erreichen.

Flugpreis schon ab 290 EUR zzgl. Steuern und Gebühren.

Flugplan U8
Ab 05. Juni 2012
U8 116 Berlin-Jerewan
U8 115 Jerewan-Berlin

Flugtickets einfach online buchen:

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Fliegen Sie ab vielen deutschen Städten via Berlin nach Erevan

Wieso unnötige Fahrten zum Flughafen, doppelte Check-In Prozesse und Wartezeiten im Abflugbereich in Kauf nehmen, wenn man auch einfach mit Armavia fliegen kann. Erreichen Sie die armenische Hauptstadt Erevan von verschiedenen Städten* noch schneller, günstiger und komfortabler. *Zubringer Flüge werden mit Armavia Partner airberlin durchgeführt.

Flugpreis schon ab 330 (Beispiel ab DUS) EUR zzgl. Steuern und Gebühren

Flugtickets einfach online buchen:

Source: pulexpress

Feb 6, 2012

Armenia’s Armavia makes all flights to Europe despite bad weather

Armenian Armavia air company operated Yerevan-Paris flight without delay on Monday despite bad weather in Europe, Armavia’s spokesperson Nana Avetisova told Armenian
“Yerevan-Paris flight was made without any delay. Besides, all the flights of Armavia are carried out according to schedule,” she said.
To note, British main airport Heathrow cancelled over 150 flights due to snow. Meantime, the airport receives dozens of international flights. In addition, French pilots of Air France Company declared to go on strike from Monday till Thursday. Spanish pilots of Iberia Company will hold round day strikes on Feb. 13


Feb 4, 2012

Israel-Armenia Direct: Flights to begin in April

A deal has been reached between Israeli Eshet Tours and Armenia’s national air carrier Armavia to begin service between the two countries.

Direct service will begin in April and continue through summer offering two flights per week. The tour company also plans to offer tourism packages to Armenia.


Feb 2, 2012

Armenia, Israel establish direct air communication

Israeli Eshet Tours company has signed a deal with the Armenian national carrier Armavia to represent the Armenian company in Israel.
The direct flights between the states will be operated starting from April.
At the moment Armavia is conducting only one flight a week by 50-seats plane. Starting from April two flights a week will be operated until autumn, the Marker newspaper reports.
Eshet Tours plans to sell tourist packages, including tours to Armenia as well.


Jan 24, 2012

20-percent downsizing at Armenian airline company - newspaper

Armenia’s Armavia airline company’s newly appointed president Norayr Belluyan informed that the company is not being sold, Aravot daily writes.
‘“The proprietor does not want to sell, or does not yet intend on selling, the company.’ To Aravot’s question as to whether there truly is a downsizing at Armavia, he responded: ‘There were, there are, and there will be downsizing. We are downsizing those who work inefficiently. The company now has 380 employees, [and] twenty percent was downsized. I should also note that many are not downsized, or dismissed, but rather sent on vacation at their expense, because the [economic] crisis will end tomorrow, the flights will increase, [and] those people will probably be asked to return to their work,’” Aravot writes.