Mar 6, 2012

Short Grounding: Armavia stages delay, aviation department steps in

Armavia, Armenia’s “national carrier” airline, went on a short-lived strike today, in protest of what it called unfair administrative fees at Yerevan’s Zvartnot’s International Airport, while Armenia International Airports company says that Armavia is grounded because of outstanding debts that prohibit it from making flights to Russia.

Armavia launched the strike early this morning, halting three flights (two to Moscow and one to Rostov).

Armenia’s General Department of Civil Aviation and airline representatives called a quick meeting and in less than two hours, Armavia had called off the strike as sides in the dispute agreed to negotiate a settlement in the coming weeks.

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, passengers enroute to Moscow and to Rostov are being boarded for continuation of their delayed flights.

“All flights were cancelled, but as of now we have resumed the works and our further actions will be clear next Tuesday, by the end of the negotiations,” says Armavia Aviation Company’s press secretary Nana Avetisova.

Gevorg Abrahamyan, Spokesman for Armenia International Airports Company has reported earlier that Armavia Company, being a national means of transportation, unlike other aviation companies enjoys the special tariffs defined by Armenia International Airports Company.

“Moreover, according to the telegram received by the Rosnavigation Organization, Armavia Company’s flights to Russia and its entrance to the air territory of Russia are banned due to its debts. Most probably the tariffs not only in Armenia but also in Russia are too high for the aviation company,” Abrahamyan says adding that the flights carried out by other companies are not halted and are uninterrupted.

Armavia Company carries out about 500 flights monthly, and their number reaches 700 monthly in summer.


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