Jun 29, 2012

Armenia's national airline resuming flights to Syria on request from the Catholicos

Armenia's national airline, Armavia, is due to resume on July 2 regular flights to Aleppo, a Syrian city where the majority of the Arab country's ethnic Armenian community lives, after suspending them in March due to due to the domestic political crisis in Syria, company spokeswoman Nana Avetisova said.

"In view of great demand for Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flights and a request from the Catholicos Karekin II of All Armenians it has been decided to resume traffic," Avetisova told Interfax.

Initially there would be one flight per week in each direction, but there would be more flights afterward if necessary, she said.

There are 60,000 ethnic Armenians in Syria. Aleppo is home to 45,000 of them.

Earlier, foreign Armenian foreign minister Vartan Oskanyan made an entry on his Facebook page urging the Armenian government to help Syria's ethnic Armenians.

Yerevan-Aleppo flights have been suspended since March 25, 2012.

Source: interfax-religion.com

Armenian Airline to Resume Flight to Troubled Syrian City

Armenian air carrier Armavia announced Friday that it is to resume the flight to the Syrian city of Aleppo next week.
The Yerevan-Aleppo flight, which has been put on hold because of the situation in Syria, will take place every Monday, local media outlet Armenpress quoted Nana Avetisova, the company's press-secretary, as saying.
"We are resuming the flight because of the request from Armenian society" and others, said Avetisova, adding that it will offer Syrian Armenians the opportunity to reach Armenia in case of emergency.
The Syrian Armenian community currently numbers nearly 100,000, according to the report.

Source: english.cri.cn

Armavia restores Yerevan-Aleppo flights

“Armavia” national carrier company restores Yerevan-Aleppo regular flights. Armenpress was informed from the press responsible person of the company Nana Avetisova that from July 2 each Monday with periodicity one flight in a week will be implemented Yerevan-Aleppo flights. It is possible that in future the schedule is reviewed.
“We restored the flights based on request of society, individual citizens and His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians” mentioned Avetisova.
Yerevan-Aleppo flights were stopped since March of current year based on security concerns because of international difficult situation.
Because of clashes which last already 16 months more than 10 000 people have died in Syria. Armenian community also had losses: 6 Armenians have been killed, 4 of them were soldiers of Syrian army.

Source: armenpress.am

Armavia restores Yerevan-Aleppo flights

From July 2nd the Armenian national carrier Armavia will restore the Yerevan-Aleppo flights, suspended from March 25, taking into consideration the situation in Syria and its consequences.

Meanwhile, expert in Arabic studies Suren Manukyan says that the Syrian events may continue for years. He does not see the possibility of solving the issue at this point.

The shooting down of the Turkish warplane by Syria was a message to Turkey to hint that its relations with neighbors would aggravate. However, the expert says Damascus could not have made the decision on its own. Therefore, he is assured that it was supported by Moscow.

The reaction of the West to the incident was interesting. According to Suren Manukyan, this means that the West is not ready for war. “If NATO ignores this, it means that it cannot be a reason for war,” he said.

The expert believes the West is implementing a different program in Syria. It is trying to exert influence on the events through financial-economic sanctions. 

Source: armradio.am

Armavia air company resumes flights to Aleppo

Armavia air company announced resumption of regular flights to Aleppo starting July 2.
The flight will be operating once a week, on Mondays, the air company’s press service said.

Source: panarmenian.net

Jun 16, 2012

Yerevan-Amman new flight has been opened

“Armavia” company continues to implement the policy of expanding the geography of the flights. The best proof of it is the fact that on June 13 the frist flight from Yerevan to the capital of Jordan Amman was implemented. The first passengers od the flight became the owner of “Armavia” company Michael Baghdasarov, journalists as well as passengers who had waited for a long time to the opening of this flight. Armenpress reports that the flight was implemented by “Boeing 737” plane which was named after famous Armenian painter Hovhaness Aivazovsky. One of the passengers Garnik Avagyan was going to visit his daughter. He stressed the importance of the flight because due to it he would be able to visit his daughter not once in three or four years but more frequently: the direct flight is cheaper and faster. Michael Baghdasarov told journalists that before opening the flight he had studied the field and highly estimated its necessity. “We are sure that it will be very good for Armenian tourists will be opened with their whole beauty Amman and Red sea” he said. Michael Baghdasarov mentioned that steps must be implemented in order to increase the cooperation. “It will be comfortable to visit Amman not only in summer but in spring and autumn as it is warm here. I am sure that everyone will enjoy it” he said. There will be one flight during the week – on Wednesdays, but it is not excluded that in future it can be implemented twice or three timed a week.

Source: armenpress.am