Nov 24, 2011

Аrmavia presented airliner Boeing 737-500

Armenia's national air carrier, Armavia, presented today its airliner Boeing 737-500.
"It is a very nice, comfortable aircraft with 110 seats. We have bought two aircrafts for Armavia, the second will be delivered soon,’ Armavia owner Mikhail Bagdasarov told reporters.
He said the aircraft was bought from Czech Airlines. The second Boeing will be delivered to Armenia on December 15.
According to Bagdasarov, Boeing 737-500 is designed for medium-haul flights - up to 4 thousand miles in all directions, including Dubai, Moscow, Italian Milan, Venice and Rome. 
However, he did not say how much the company paid for it.
"We have handed back leased expensive aircrafts, replacing them with cheaper ones," Bagdasarov said.
Armavia National Air Company was established in 1996. The company meets IATA international requirements. Armavia operates over 100 flights a day to more than 40 destinations in 20 countries. Its fleet of aircrafts comprises А320-3, А319-3, CRJ-200, Yak-42-VIP, Il-86, Sukhoi Superjet and Boeing.


Armavia renewed with new aircraft

Armavia Air Company fleet was was renewed with a new Boeing 737-500 aircraft. The latter arrived in Yerevan on November 23.
According to Armavia President Mikhail Baghdasarov, the aircraft, purchased from Czech Airlines, has a cabin of 108 seats.
“The aircraft will launch a flight after it is painted to match company's brand," Baghdasarov said.
The Armavia company was established in 1996, but commercial flights to Russia and Turkey only started in 2001. In 2003 Air Company obtained license for international air transportation previously belonging to Air Company “Armenian Airlines”. In 2005 Armavia became current member of International Air Transport Association. In 2006 it became user of “Flight Operations Monitoring” program - System of the flight data decryption and analyzing BC A320/319.


Nov 22, 2011

Armenia’s Armavia to buy three more Sukhoi Superjet in 2012

CEO of Armenia’s national air carrier, Armavia, Mikhail Baghdasarov, told Prime News that his company plans to conclude a firm contract for the delivery of three Sukhoi Superjet 100 in 2012.
Speaking at a news conference today Baghdasarov said the second Sukhoi Superjet will be delivered before the end of this year, following which the contract will be signed for delivery of three more planes. Armavia was the first company to start commercial operation of new short-haul airliner.
Bagdasarov said the operation of the plane has revealed some problems that need to be eliminated.
Armavia National Air Company was established in 1996. The company meets IATA international requirements. Armavia operates over 100 flights a day to more than 40 destinations in 20 countries. It possesses 11 aircrafts - А320-3, А319-3, CRJ-200, Yak-42-VIP and Il-86 and Superjet -100.


Nov 16, 2011

Armavia Airlines: new flights from Malpensa, Rome and Venice towards Armenia

As from the end of next March, the new direct services operated by Armavia Airlines from Milan-Malpensa to Armenia (Yerevan) every Thursday, will start. The carrier will operate direct flights from Venice every Sunday and from Rome every Tuesday.

The duration of connections, made ​​with A-319 aircraft, is approximately 4 hours. The airline operates also domestic flights between Yerevan and Tbilisi, Georgia. The fleet now consists of 4 A-319, three A-320 and a CRJ-200. The airline was also the first to use the Sukhoi Superjet 100, a new generation aircraft with 75/100 seats developed by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC), in collaboration with Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica Company.

Armavia has ordered three A-320 and three Sukhoi and two CRJ.


Nov 8, 2011

Armenia International Airports Deputy Director rejects tariff rise

Zvartnots International Airport did not raise fares for airlines, Deputy Director of Armenia International Airports said on Nov 7.
Dwelling on agreements reached by Armavia Airlines, Andranik Shkhyan noted that flight schedule will remain unchanged until the middle of the week, adding that tensions between the parties are common in commercial relations.
Armavia Air Company was urged to delay 3 flights due to the policy pursued by Zvartnots Airport leadership. As Armavia spokesperson Nana Avetisova told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, Zvartnots has raised winter tariff rates for the company. “We are currently reviewing tariff policy for the company,” she said.
Airport spokesman Gevorg Abrahamyan, in turn, rejected any kind of price upsurges. According to him, the flights were delayed due to company’s debts to the airport which twice surpasses the norm set. Mr. Abrahamyan also noted that in case of Armavia’s debt default current situation may remain unchanged.


Nov 7, 2011

Armavia Airlines to be sold to President Sargsyan’s son-in-law?

Dwelling on information regarding part of Armavia’s summer staff being dismissed and company being sold to President Serzh Sargsyan’s son-in-law Mikael Minasyan at a convenient price, Armavia Airlines spokesperson Nana Sargsyan said the information is not true to fact.
On November 3 Armavia flights were delayed due to company’s debts to Zvartnots Airport which twice surpasses the norm set. Despite Armavia’s statement on Zvartnots having raised winter tariff rates for the company Deputy Director of Armenia International Airports rejected tariff rise for airlines.
Flight schedule will remain unchanged until the middle of the week.
According to Nana Sargsyan, negotiations on tariff policy with Airport Directorate are in progress.


Nov 3, 2011

Yerevan-Moscow flight delayed due to misunderstanding between airport and air company

A Yerevan-Moscow flight was delayed in Zvartnots Armenian International Airport. The reason is that the Armavia air company has not reached understanding with Armenia International Airports company, spokesperson for Armavia Nana Avetisova told Armenian
“The airport increased service prices for winter season. The negotiations are underway. According to Armavia’s leadership, the airport is already built and prices can be reviewed,” she said.
Meanwhile, passengers of Yerevan-Moscow flight are waiting for check in which will not start until the sides reach agreement. Besides, the passengers of other Yerevan-Moscow flights are likely to be faced with the same difficulties.