Sep 30, 2010

Armavia launches Yerevan-Birmingham-Yerevan flight

Armavia national carrier presented its new Yerevan-Birmingham-Yerevan flight on September 28.
“This flight is meant to connect Europe with Asia and Middle East,” Armavia Director General Norayr Belluyan said.
“The flight will allow passengers from India to travel to Birmingham, where numerous Indian diaspora lives. Besides, it will help Armenia develop relations with one of UK industrial centers,” he added.
This year, Armavia launched flights to Delhi, Tel Aviv, Tehran and Barcelona. Yerevan-Beijing-Yerevan flight is expected in the near future.


Sep 29, 2010

Mikhail Baghdasarov not going to sell Armavia shares

Mikhail Baghdasarov, the President of Armavia national carrier, is not going to sell the company shares, Armavia spokesperson Nana Avetisova said.
“Mikhail Baghdasarov has officially refuted media reports on sale of shares,” Avetisova told a reporter.


Armavia repays debts to Armenia International Airports

Debt of Armavia company to Armenia International Airports is constantly changing because of daily debt repayments, Sahak Hakobyan, head of the staff of General Department of Civil Aviation at the Armenian government said at a press conference.
Hakobyan noted that the aviation department is not authorized to interfere with relations of two companies. “We follow technical regulation and fights’ security, the rest lies in economic ties between the entities. Though, we have information on the developments,” he said.
Due to the mentioned debt, Armenia International Airports company suspended flights from Zvartnots Airport on September 16.The same day the flights resumed.


Armavia’s debt is increasing

On September 29, on the eve of Civil Aviation Day, head of the General Department of the Civil Aviation Sahak Hakobyan and Adviser to the Director General Grigor Nazaryan briefed Armenian reporters on the achievements in the sphere.
Asked whether the owner of Armenian national air carrier - Armavia, Mikhail Baghdasarov, intends to sell his shares, Sahak Hakobyan said, "We have learnt about Mr. Baghdasarov's intention from the press. It is up to him to decide. The state cannot force an owner to sell or keep his shares. The Law on Aviation envisages that at least 51% of an aviation company belongs to legal entities registered in Armenia," he said.
Recently, Zvartnots airport suspended all flights of Armavia national carrier due to heavy debts.
"The Civil Aviation deals with aviation and security issues. We try to avoid similar problems, as they are unpleasant for us. The issue is beyond our competence and we are hopeful that the parties [Zvartnots and Armavia] will find a common language. State agencies are not empowered to interfere into a conflict between two entities" Hakobyan said.
The aviation representatives say Armavia's debt is changing every hour connected with everyday production process.


New terminal to open in Zvartnots Airport in 2011

The civil aviation in Armenia is dynamically developing, according to Sahak Hakobyan, head of the General Department of the Civil Aviation.
“Air transportation volumes increased 10% over the past 8 months. As of September 22, passenger flows increased 13.5% compared with the same period in 2009,” Hakobyan told reporters in Yerevan.
He also informed that a new terminal meeting all international standards will open in Zvartnots Airport in 2011.
Asked to comment on the Airport’s recent ban on Armavia national carrier’s flights, Hakobyan said state agencies are not empowered to interfere into a conflict between two entities.


Birmingham airport launches Armavia Airlines flights to Armenia

Birmingham Airport has become only the second in the country to operate flights to the former Soviet republic of Armenia.
The new service was launched on Tuesday when an Airbus A319 of Armavia Airlines touched down at Birmingham from the Armenian capital Yerevan.
The airline will now operate flights to Yerevan and on to Delhi every Tuesday, departing Birmingham at 06.55.
It hopes to attract passengers wanting to reach both Armenia and India to visit friends and relatives. The Airbus will have eight business class seats and 126 economy seats.
Illarion Gharibyan, deputy director general, for the  airline said: “There are 20,000 people in the UK of Armenian descent and people can currently only access flights to Armenia from Heathrow so the Birmingham operation will provide more choice for those wanting to reach Yerevan.
“Birmingham is at a very important phase of its development and we are very excited to be joining the Birmingham team at this time.”
Paul Kehoe, the airport’s chief executive officer, said: “Not only will Armavia Airlines offer people a brand new service to Armenia, it will provide another welcome connection to India, which will be of particular interest to the 200,000 Indian people living in the Midlands.”
Round trip fares to Yerevan start from £325 excluding taxes and to Delhi from £205.


Armenia’s passenger traffic 1.212m

Armenia’s passenger traffic has reached 1.212m people this year – a 13% increase as compared with the corresponding period last year, Sahak Hakobyan, Head of the staff, Civil Aviation Department, RA Government, told a news conference.
The crisis did not seriously affect the passenger traffic in Armenia. Other countries registered a 2.5% decrease. Hakobyan believes the Armenian air carriers registered an increase in the number of passengers due to their scheduled fights to ensure regular incomes. As regards cargo transportation, he pointed out that a three-fold increase has been registered since last year.
The RA Statistical Service reports Armenia’s air traffic totaled 8.4 thousand tons last year, with exports totaling 3.2 thousand tons, and imports 5.2 thousand tons. Last year, Armenia’s air passenger traffic reached 1.469m, with 702,000 passengers served by the Armenian airlines.


Sep 27, 2010

Domodedovo airport highly appreciates cooperation with Armenian national air company

 Domodedovo, one of the biggest airports in Russia and Eastern Europe, describes cooperation with Armavia, Armenian national air company, as strategic, Yelena Galanova, press secretary of the Russian airport, said on Monday.

“Our partnership began in 2002,” she said. “Eight years is a quite long term to estimate our cooperation. Some 14 flights are operated from Moscow to Yerevan and back every week – two flights a day.”

Galanova said that 48% of Moscow-Yerevan flights are operated from Domodedovo Airport.

“Armavia Air Company’s passenger flow was 170,000 passengers in 2009, and 200,000 people have been transported since the beginning of this year,” she said adding that 100,700 people were transported over eight months of this year against the 95,300 passengers at the same period a year earlier.

Galanova said that Domodedovo has developed route network consisting of 234 destinations.
This is very important for Armavia and other air companies’ passengers, since they can fly to any country from Domodedovo Airport.

The Domodedovo is the leading passenger transporter among Russian airports. Its share in Moscow aviation hub’s passenger flow is 46%.

In 2009 Domodedovo handled 18.7 million passengers, and according to some forecasts, the figure may rise to 22.3 million this year.

In Jan-Aug 2010, the passenger flow reached 14.7 million exceeding the result of the same period of the previous year by 22.4%.

Some 75 air companies operate flights from Domodedovo.

Of them, 47 are foreign companies (12 from the Commonwealth of Independent States) and 28 are Russian.
Armavia Air Company was established in 1996.

In 2005, Mikhail Bagdasarovm the company president, became the owner of the full package of the company’s shares.
Armavia operates over 102 flights to 35 destinations in 20 countries every week.

The company flew 700,000 passengers in 2009.

It possesses nine aircrafts - А320-3, А319-3, CRJ-200, Yak-42-VIP).

Sep 21, 2010

Serzh Sargsyan awards two Armavia pilots on occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day

On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan signed a decree on awarding aircraft commander of Armavia national carrier Samvel Apikyan with a medal for the displayed professionalism in emergency situations and second pilot Araz Arazyan with Anania Shirakatsi medal.
The Armenian President also bestowed Anania Shirakatsi medal on a number of employees in the field of territorial administration.
Besides, he signed a decree on awarding scientific and educational workers with medals of the Republic of Armenia, the presidential press service reported.


Sep 16, 2010

Yerevan Flights Delayed Over Airline Debts

Armenia’s national airline, Armavia, was forced to briefly delay three flights from Yerevan on Thursday because of its outstanding debts to the Zvartnots international airport.

Armavia planes bound for Russia and Israel were allowed to take off more than hour after their scheduled departure time as the company began urgent crisis talks with the airport administration.

“We had to take such a step because Armavia has accumulated big debts,” Zvartnots spokesman Gevorg Abrahamian told RFE/RL’s Armenian service. “Right now, the issue is being settled. All flights are being handled as normal. We hope to avoid such problems in the future.”

Abrahamian said later in the day that the two sides have worked out a timetable for the repayment of the debts incurred by Armavia. “This debt will be repaid very soon,” confirmed Nana Avetisova, an Armavia spokeswoman.

Both officials refused to disclose the sum owed by the private carrier to Zvartnots’s Argentinean operator, Corporacion America. Avetisova linked Armavia’s failure to pay for airport ground services on time with last year’s global recession which did not keep the company from purchasing new aircraft.

“This is normal for airlines around the world,” she told RFE/RL. “Yet in our country there is so much fuss that you feel like it’s the end of the world. We are a small airline located in a small country, and having such a debt is not something extraordinary.”

Owned by Russian-Armenian businessman Mikhail Bagdasarov, Armavia currently flies to about 30 destinations in Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. It became Armenia’s leading carrier in 2004 following the bankruptcy of the state-run Armenian Airlines.


Armavia’s flights suspended

The Yerevan International Airport Zvartnots has suspended flights of the national-carrier Armavia company due to increased debts, a spokesperson to the airport Gevork Abramian told media.
“Due to increased and long-dated debts of Armavia, its flights have been suspended. We’ve sent the notification to company’s management in advance,” said spokesman.
“Yes, the company like all other airlines of the world has debts,” told Interfax a spokeswoman to Armavia, Nana Avetisova, denying determining the sum of debts and any other details.


Zvartnots suspends Armavia flights over debts

The flights of Armavia national carrier were suspended on September 16 morning over debts to Zvartnots airport, Armavia spokesperson Nana Avetisova told a reporter.
Zvartnots PR officer Gevorg Abrahamyan said that the airport management had to suspend the flights due to heavy debts. However, to avoid a conflict and cause no harm to passengers it was decided to permit the flights later.
“Negotiations with the air company are under way and the debt should be paid off in the near future,” he said.


Sep 15, 2010

Armavia suspends flights due to debts

September 16, the Armavia Aircompany suspended flights in several directions, including the capital of Russia-Moscow. received calls from the passengers of the delayed flights.
A source at the Zvartnots International Airport told, the flights were suspended due to debts of the aircompany.
The Armavia head office was not available to comment.


Sep 8, 2010

Armavia cuts number of regular flights from Yerevan to Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam

Armavia air company has cut the number of regular flights from Yerevan to Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam for the period of Summer 2010 schedule.
Yerevan-Rome-Yerevan flight will be conducted only on Sundays (previously - three flights a week) from September 26, while Yerevan-Berlin-Yerevan flight – on Fridays (previously – two flights a week) from September 17, the air company’s press service reported.
Besides, Yerevan-Amsterdam-Yerevan flight will be conducted on Sundays (previously – two flights a week) from September 19.


Sep 2, 2010

Armavia Cancels a Summer Flight to Batumi and Two to Moscow

Armenia’s national carrier Armavia said it had cancelled a direct flight from Armenian capital Yerevan to Batumi, Georgia and two to Moscow, Russia.

The flights were introduced for summer season to handle the growing number of Armenians traveling to Batumi, a popular Black Sea tourist destination for thousands of Armenian holidaymakers and Russia’s capital. Armavia said these flights will not be resumed for winter months.

Armavia was established in 1996. In 2005 its all shares were purchased by Mika Ltd of Mikhail Baghdasarov. The company operates 102 flights a week to 35 destinations in 20 countries. In 2009 it flew 700,000 passengers.

The company’s fleet comprises 9 aircrafts- А320-3, А319-3, CRJ-200, ЯК-42-VIP.