Sep 27, 2010

Domodedovo airport highly appreciates cooperation with Armenian national air company

 Domodedovo, one of the biggest airports in Russia and Eastern Europe, describes cooperation with Armavia, Armenian national air company, as strategic, Yelena Galanova, press secretary of the Russian airport, said on Monday.

“Our partnership began in 2002,” she said. “Eight years is a quite long term to estimate our cooperation. Some 14 flights are operated from Moscow to Yerevan and back every week – two flights a day.”

Galanova said that 48% of Moscow-Yerevan flights are operated from Domodedovo Airport.

“Armavia Air Company’s passenger flow was 170,000 passengers in 2009, and 200,000 people have been transported since the beginning of this year,” she said adding that 100,700 people were transported over eight months of this year against the 95,300 passengers at the same period a year earlier.

Galanova said that Domodedovo has developed route network consisting of 234 destinations.
This is very important for Armavia and other air companies’ passengers, since they can fly to any country from Domodedovo Airport.

The Domodedovo is the leading passenger transporter among Russian airports. Its share in Moscow aviation hub’s passenger flow is 46%.

In 2009 Domodedovo handled 18.7 million passengers, and according to some forecasts, the figure may rise to 22.3 million this year.

In Jan-Aug 2010, the passenger flow reached 14.7 million exceeding the result of the same period of the previous year by 22.4%.

Some 75 air companies operate flights from Domodedovo.

Of them, 47 are foreign companies (12 from the Commonwealth of Independent States) and 28 are Russian.
Armavia Air Company was established in 1996.

In 2005, Mikhail Bagdasarovm the company president, became the owner of the full package of the company’s shares.
Armavia operates over 102 flights to 35 destinations in 20 countries every week.

The company flew 700,000 passengers in 2009.

It possesses nine aircrafts - А320-3, А319-3, CRJ-200, Yak-42-VIP).

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