Sep 29, 2010

Armenia’s passenger traffic 1.212m

Armenia’s passenger traffic has reached 1.212m people this year – a 13% increase as compared with the corresponding period last year, Sahak Hakobyan, Head of the staff, Civil Aviation Department, RA Government, told a news conference.
The crisis did not seriously affect the passenger traffic in Armenia. Other countries registered a 2.5% decrease. Hakobyan believes the Armenian air carriers registered an increase in the number of passengers due to their scheduled fights to ensure regular incomes. As regards cargo transportation, he pointed out that a three-fold increase has been registered since last year.
The RA Statistical Service reports Armenia’s air traffic totaled 8.4 thousand tons last year, with exports totaling 3.2 thousand tons, and imports 5.2 thousand tons. Last year, Armenia’s air passenger traffic reached 1.469m, with 702,000 passengers served by the Armenian airlines.


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