Nov 29, 2012

Armavia has nothing except computers and premises

Hraparak daily reports, that Mika Baghdasarov has no other choice but to sell Armavia. However, rumors suggesting that this or that company is interested in Armavia prove not to be true later. One of the businessmen explained the reason; it is senseless to invest several million dollars in something which costs maximum several hundred thousand dollars.

“The thing is that the license of Armenia's national air carrier is expiring and those who wish to buy it can do it several months later, after buying a license. But Armavia has nothing significant except for premises, threadbare computers and office furniture,” the paper writes.


Nov 24, 2012

Armavia confirmed for sale, Italians among prospectors

A spokesperson for Armenia’s “national carrier” Armavia, has confirmed that the troubled airline is for sale, and that negotiations include a potential deal with Italian buyers.

For several weeks it has been known that Armavia was most likely on the blocks. When Airitalia announced that it would begin service from Zvartnots International Airport in December, speculation circulated that Italy’s “national carrier” would be buying out Armavia.

Over the past year or more, Armavia has had disputes with management of Zvartnots, as the airline has struggled to pay its tariffs and has occasionally been grounded for brief periods.

Armavia’s Nana Avetisova told media that the Italians are among “two or three” companies expected to engage in negotiations.


Baghdasarov is considering to finish the sale of "Armavia" in the coming weeks

The owner of "Armavia" National Airlines Mikhail Baghdasarov is considering finishing the sale of the company in the upcoming 2-3 weeks. As reports "Armenpress" Baghdasarov has announced this in the interview to RBK daily. Among other things Mikhail Baghdasarov emphasized two main reasons, which served as the basis for selling the company. According to Mikhail Baghdasarov the main reason is the economic crisis. As to the second reason Baghdasarov underlined the damage of the company, which arouse from the exploitation of the new Russian plane SuperJet.
Baghdasarov stated: "There is nobody from the Russian Federation, who would like to buy the company, but among the potential buyers there are Italians and businessmen from the East as well."
At the same time the official representative of the CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft announced that in accordance with the agreement “Armavia” will continue paying off the debt for SuperJet in frames of the present leasing relations of the two companies.


Nov 22, 2012

Paper says Armavia’s license to operate flights expiring

Armavia air company continues operation of flights with Zvartnots airport no more suspending them, Zhamanak daily reported.
Armavia has ceased reiterating that the company is on sale, with the reports claiming an Italian enterprise has expressed readiness to buy it not clarified.
Perhaps, Zvartnots-Armavia conflict is said to be the reason behind Italian side’s reluctance to purchase the Armenian air company.
However, Armavia owner Mikhail Bagdasarov had better consider selling the company, given the fact that Armavia’s license to operate flights expires next year.
Meanwhile, Armenian national air carrier’s bankruptcy wouldn’t benefit Zvartnots due to Armavia’s large number of debts, the paper says.


Nov 8, 2012

''Armavia'' promises to compensate the costs of concealed flights to Syria

Armenia's national air carrier ''Armavia''  air company continues to refund the costs of concealed flights to Syria. ''Armavia''  company press service informed Armenpress, more than 400 Syrian Armenians have got compensation equal to the cost of the ticket, 70 people are still waiting for the return of their money.  Syrian Armenian Raffi, who has lately come to the Homeland from Syria stated in the briefing with Armenpress, ''Armavia'' company has reimbursed the cost of his three tickets out of  four .
 ''I have got another ticket else, the company has promised to return its cost in the near future'' our compatriot noted. The cases vary. Another Syrian Armenian Hakob  Martirosyan has been compensated only for one ticket. ''I frequently turn for the return of the cost of my three tickets, yet there  is no news,  they promise to compensate later''  the interlocutor stated. In the words of Firdus Zakaryan, the head of the working group dealing with Syrian Armenian issues, Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry in its turn does not abstain from relevant actions, they undertake a number of measures, have sent letter to the air company.'' The air company has made efforts reportedly the majority of the ticket holders have been compensated. The applications of the rest stakeholders are underway and will be solved down in the near future''.
According to Zakaryan currently 5000 Syrian Armenians are habiting in Armenia. ''Zvartnots'' airport in recent times regularly suspends ''Armavia''  air carrier flights due the depts. This worries not only the air carrier but its customer as well. Regular suspension of flights causes mistrust about the carrier by its customers in one hand resulting in the reduction of the passengers’ number in the other hand grow of debts.
'' Armavia''  air company suspended its flights to Syria on September 10. According to the Airline Company the flight have been suspended only for the clients’ interests after the rebels have announced they will bombard any plane passing through Syria airspace.
Currently only  "Syrian Airlines''  launches direct flight from Armenia to Syria.


Nov 6, 2012

Zvartnots center may halt operation over Armavia debts

Armavia company’s debts to Zvartnots air meteorological center currently totals AMD 94 mln, the center’s deputy director said.
“Armenia’s national air carrier must pay AMD 33 000 for each meteorological forecast; however it has failed to fulfill the obligation for the past two years. As a result, the center itself owes AMD14,5 mln to tax agencies,” Pavel Manukayn said.
Lawyer Anahit Grigoryan, in turn, said that the center will halt operation if it fails to pay the debts.
“This can’t go on like this,” she said, adding that the center will file a legal claim if necessary.
Zvartnots air meteorological center’s technical service head Garnik Petrosyan noted, “We will take ever legal measure to urge Armavia for paying off the debts. Otherwise, we will be forced to halt operation, thus resulting in suspension of flights altogether.”