Nov 6, 2012

Zvartnots center may halt operation over Armavia debts

Armavia company’s debts to Zvartnots air meteorological center currently totals AMD 94 mln, the center’s deputy director said.
“Armenia’s national air carrier must pay AMD 33 000 for each meteorological forecast; however it has failed to fulfill the obligation for the past two years. As a result, the center itself owes AMD14,5 mln to tax agencies,” Pavel Manukayn said.
Lawyer Anahit Grigoryan, in turn, said that the center will halt operation if it fails to pay the debts.
“This can’t go on like this,” she said, adding that the center will file a legal claim if necessary.
Zvartnots air meteorological center’s technical service head Garnik Petrosyan noted, “We will take ever legal measure to urge Armavia for paying off the debts. Otherwise, we will be forced to halt operation, thus resulting in suspension of flights altogether.”


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