Nov 8, 2012

''Armavia'' promises to compensate the costs of concealed flights to Syria

Armenia's national air carrier ''Armavia''  air company continues to refund the costs of concealed flights to Syria. ''Armavia''  company press service informed Armenpress, more than 400 Syrian Armenians have got compensation equal to the cost of the ticket, 70 people are still waiting for the return of their money.  Syrian Armenian Raffi, who has lately come to the Homeland from Syria stated in the briefing with Armenpress, ''Armavia'' company has reimbursed the cost of his three tickets out of  four .
 ''I have got another ticket else, the company has promised to return its cost in the near future'' our compatriot noted. The cases vary. Another Syrian Armenian Hakob  Martirosyan has been compensated only for one ticket. ''I frequently turn for the return of the cost of my three tickets, yet there  is no news,  they promise to compensate later''  the interlocutor stated. In the words of Firdus Zakaryan, the head of the working group dealing with Syrian Armenian issues, Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry in its turn does not abstain from relevant actions, they undertake a number of measures, have sent letter to the air company.'' The air company has made efforts reportedly the majority of the ticket holders have been compensated. The applications of the rest stakeholders are underway and will be solved down in the near future''.
According to Zakaryan currently 5000 Syrian Armenians are habiting in Armenia. ''Zvartnots'' airport in recent times regularly suspends ''Armavia''  air carrier flights due the depts. This worries not only the air carrier but its customer as well. Regular suspension of flights causes mistrust about the carrier by its customers in one hand resulting in the reduction of the passengers’ number in the other hand grow of debts.
'' Armavia''  air company suspended its flights to Syria on September 10. According to the Airline Company the flight have been suspended only for the clients’ interests after the rebels have announced they will bombard any plane passing through Syria airspace.
Currently only  "Syrian Airlines''  launches direct flight from Armenia to Syria.


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