Apr 22, 2010

Yerevan-Tbilisi flights resumed

“Armavia” air company will resume Yerevan-Tbilisi-Yerevan flights starting April 23, company’s press secretary informed news.am. Flights to be carried out twice a day.
Armenia-Georgia air communication was temporarily suspended since February 1, 2010. According to Georgian United Transport Administration, the suspension is only seasonal. The flights were cancelled due semi-full flights.

Source: news.am

Apr 20, 2010

Eight air routes from Armenia to Europe open

Since the airports of Zurich and Amsterdam resumed operation, the Armavia airline resumed Yerevan-Zurich-Yerevan, Yerevan-Amsterdam-Yerevan flights starting April 20, 2010, Armavia Press Secretary Nana Avetisova informed news.am.
She reported that Yerevan-Odessa-Yerevan (April 24), Yerevan-Kharkov-Yerevan and Yerevan-Kiev-Yerevan flights will be also conducted according to timetable.
On April 15 Armavia stopped serving nine European air routes, except for Russia, due to the eruption of volcano in Iceland. To date eight of the nine routes are open, except for the Yerevan-Berlin route.

Source: news.am

Armavia to organize charter flights to Europe

Armenia’s national airline carrier, Armavia, said today it may operate charter flights from Yerevan to Paris, Zurich and Amsterdam if flights to Europe will be allowed before its next scheduled flights to these destinations, Nana Avetisova, a spokeswoman for Armenia, told Armenia Novosti news agency.

Armavia had to cancel flights to Europe on April 16 after aviation authorities in EU closed their airspace for air traffic as the volcanic ash from Iceland crippled air travels across Europe.

Nana Avetisova said Armavia offers its passengers to re-book their tickets for the next nearest flights to these destinations. She said passengers may also return their tickets.

She said the flight to Odessa in Ukraine, scheduled for April 24 will be operated. Flights to Kiev and Kharkov in Ukraine will be operated in accordance with the schedule, she said.

Source: arka.am

Berlin-Yerevan on 20.04.2010 is canceled

Flughafen Tegel: Der Flug U8 116 nach Yerevan am 20.04.2010 wurde annulliert. 
Airport Tegel: The flight  U8 116 to Yerevan on 20.04.2010 is canceled.

Source: flyamo.de

Apr 19, 2010

Global Fallout: Iceland volcano 3,000 miles away affecting Armenia

Global Fallout: Iceland volcano 3,000 miles away affecting 
Armenia is among countries whose airline traffic has been affected by an Iceland volcano eruption that shut down travel for several days across Europe.

British Midland International (BMI) cancelled Yerevan-London-Yerevan flights and Armavia shut down Yerevan-Paris-Yerevan, Yerevan-Zurich-Yerevan, Yerevan-Amsterdam-Yerevan, Yerevan-Odessa-Yerevan flights. On Monday, April 19, the flights to Prague, Vienna, Athens and Perm were also canceled.

Due to European delays in air traffic, even an international conference scheduled on Tuesday by the Civilitas foundation is also postponed, because the main participant of the even has not managed to fly to Yerevan.

Levon Vardanyan, Head of Haypethydromet, told ArmeniaNow that they yet could not provide any information whether the volcanic ash will reach Armenia.

“We have not had such an experience before, that is why we do not have an opportunity to examine this case now. This is the first time that the volcanic ash is spread so widely, and we do not know what will happen tomorrow,” Vardanyan says.

Source: armenianow.com

Apr 18, 2010

The DO's and DON'Ts of Visiting Armenia

As tourist season slowly approaches, several local business owners and others who have come across tourists, have put together a list of DOs and DON'Ts for future reference.

DO tip generously, restaurant staff depend on it.
DO ask other tourists and repats about their favorite restaurants.
DO buy fruits, veggies, cheese and bread and have a picnic.
DON'T forget your trash when you leave.
DO chat with locals (especially kids) in villages.
DON'T pass out gum like its gold. Better yet, don't even bring gum. Armenia has plenty of chewing gum from five different countries.
DO pay the Yerevan taxi drivers 1000 wherever you go in the center of town, even if its close by. After all, youve taken them out of their line, and the absolute minimum for any distance is 600 Drams, anyway.
DON'T talk rudely to the owners of the vegetable stalls; this is their life, these are their fruits and they're proud of what they do.
DON'T try to get a tour driver's phone number so that you can hire them directly.
DO venture out of the city center. Komitas, Monument, Zeitun are all interesting neigh-borhoods with good restaurants.
DON'Tdrink too much mulberry vodka (tutti oghi) trust us on this one!
DO sit in cafes near midnight. The city almost never sleeps.
DO enjoy a cognac after dinner.
DON'T enjoy more than 3.
DO get involved and volunteer for projects while youre here and especially when you return home Rome wasnt built in a day.
DO be on your best behavior you never know who is sitting next to you at a concert or cafe you may find out youre related.
DO make a list of all the places you missed seeing. And
DO come back soon.

Source: armeniadiaspora.com

Apr 16, 2010

Yerevan-London flight suspended

Yerevan-London flight was suspended due to volcano eruption in the south of Iceland, news.am was informed in Zvartnots airport. The flights are not canceled but indefinitely delayed.
Volcanic ash cloud forced UK to close airspace in the territory of the country until Friday morning, BBC reports. Flights were also canceled in northern Sweden, Finland and Norway.
The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano started on Wednesday, April 14. Earlier, about 800 people were evacuated from disaster area.

Source: news.am

Volcanic eruption affected Armenia-Europe flights

Armavia air company suspended Yerevan-Paris flight till April 17, 9:00 a.m. due to ash cloud caused by eruption of volcano in Iceland, company’s press service informed news.am. Earlier, it was reported that British Midland Airways cancelled Yerevan-London flight.
Disaster caused aviation collapse in many European countries. Thus, yesterday airspaces of Belgium, UK, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden were closed.
The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano covered UK and a number of states in the Continent, as well as Scandinavia, Finland and northern-western regions of Russia.
Meanwhile, the experts forecast that disaster might upset operation of air transport for weeks and even months.
About 6000 flights were cancelled in Europe within last 24 hours. Largest European airports are closed for an indefinite period. Passengers, who bought tickets on their own might return them and get a refund with no fine in case of cancelled flight.
Cancellation and suspension of flights in European airports, as well as closed airspaces might cost companies $1bn.

Source: news.am

Yerevan-Paris flight delayed due to volcanic ash

Yerevan-Paris flight delayed due to volcanic ash
PanARMENIAN.Net - Armavia national carrier has delayed Yerevan-Paris flight.
“The flight was delayed due to the ash cloud formed from an Icelandic volcano that filled the skies over northern Europe,” Zvartnots Airports press service told PanARMENIAN.Net
Air France office in Yerevan said that all flights to Paris were delayed till 2 pm (6 pm Yerevan time).
Authorities in Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Belgium also closed their air space. France shut down 24 airports, including the main hub of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Germany's Berlin and Hamburg were shut Thursday evening, and several flights out of the U.S. had to double back.

Source: panarmenian.net

Apr 15, 2010

Armavia launches direct communication with India

On April 13, Armavia national carrier launched the long-expected direct flight to Delhi, the capital of India.
“This flight will enable to expand trade and economic relations between the two countries and will contribute to their deepening,” Managing Director of the Minar Travels Indian travel agent, Armavia’s general representative in India, Mr. Duggal told reporters at Delhi International Airport.
Armavia’s Regional Managing Director on Middle East, Mr. Kolia Khatchatourian, for his part, added that India is interested in developing relations with Armenia. “The Indian side proposes operating the flight twice instead of once a week, given big prospects for bilateral collaboration,” he said.
On the eve of the new flight’s official launching, Armavia organized a meeting at Yerevan Mkhitar Heratsi Medical University during which Indian students were briefed on the company and its plans, in particular, the new Yerevan-Delhi-Yerevan route. Five most active students in the meeting were invited to take part in the pioneer flight.

Source: panarmenian.net

Apr 6, 2010

Armavia launches flights to Rimini

Starting May 22, 2010, Armavia airway company starts operating regular flights to Rimini.
Yerevan-Rimini –Yerevan flights will be carried out on Saturdays.
Armavia airway company is Armenia’s national air carrier, which fully complies with the international requirements of IATA. Currently, Armavia conducts over 340 flights per month to 35 destinations in 20 countries.
Rimini is a city and comune in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and capital city of the Province of Rimini. It is located on the Adriatic Sea, near the coast between the rivers Marecchia (the ancient Ariminus) and Ausa (Aprusa). Coast navigation and fishing are traditional industries and, together with Riccione, it is probably the most famous seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera.

Source: panarmenian.net