Apr 18, 2010

The DO's and DON'Ts of Visiting Armenia

As tourist season slowly approaches, several local business owners and others who have come across tourists, have put together a list of DOs and DON'Ts for future reference.

DO tip generously, restaurant staff depend on it.
DO ask other tourists and repats about their favorite restaurants.
DO buy fruits, veggies, cheese and bread and have a picnic.
DON'T forget your trash when you leave.
DO chat with locals (especially kids) in villages.
DON'T pass out gum like its gold. Better yet, don't even bring gum. Armenia has plenty of chewing gum from five different countries.
DO pay the Yerevan taxi drivers 1000 wherever you go in the center of town, even if its close by. After all, youve taken them out of their line, and the absolute minimum for any distance is 600 Drams, anyway.
DON'T talk rudely to the owners of the vegetable stalls; this is their life, these are their fruits and they're proud of what they do.
DON'T try to get a tour driver's phone number so that you can hire them directly.
DO venture out of the city center. Komitas, Monument, Zeitun are all interesting neigh-borhoods with good restaurants.
DON'Tdrink too much mulberry vodka (tutti oghi) trust us on this one!
DO sit in cafes near midnight. The city almost never sleeps.
DO enjoy a cognac after dinner.
DON'T enjoy more than 3.
DO get involved and volunteer for projects while youre here and especially when you return home Rome wasnt built in a day.
DO be on your best behavior you never know who is sitting next to you at a concert or cafe you may find out youre related.
DO make a list of all the places you missed seeing. And
DO come back soon.

Source: armeniadiaspora.com

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