Jun 29, 2012

Armavia restores Yerevan-Aleppo flights

From July 2nd the Armenian national carrier Armavia will restore the Yerevan-Aleppo flights, suspended from March 25, taking into consideration the situation in Syria and its consequences.

Meanwhile, expert in Arabic studies Suren Manukyan says that the Syrian events may continue for years. He does not see the possibility of solving the issue at this point.

The shooting down of the Turkish warplane by Syria was a message to Turkey to hint that its relations with neighbors would aggravate. However, the expert says Damascus could not have made the decision on its own. Therefore, he is assured that it was supported by Moscow.

The reaction of the West to the incident was interesting. According to Suren Manukyan, this means that the West is not ready for war. “If NATO ignores this, it means that it cannot be a reason for war,” he said.

The expert believes the West is implementing a different program in Syria. It is trying to exert influence on the events through financial-economic sanctions. 

Source: armradio.am

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