Mar 6, 2012

Striking Armenian airline company refuses to accept tickets back

Those passengers, who were to use Armavia Airline Company’s services from Armenian capital Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport on Tuesday morning, are unable to leave the Airport, and they have not even been registered.   
They told Armenian that the Airport staff informed them that Armavia is not conducting flights because of the Airport’s raising of the prices. And they did not announce as to when Armavia’s flights will resume.   
And with respect to Armavia Press Secretary Nana Avetisova’s announcement that the waiting passengers will receive food and water, the passengers collectively noted that they had not received anything.  
At present, Zvartnots and Armavia representatives are conducting talks. 
According to preliminary data, three Armavia flights are postponed so far.
Also, the Armavia office is refusing to accept back the passengers’ tickets and is advising them to return the tickets to the tourism agencies.    
In her turn, Armavia Airline Company’s Press Secretary Nana Avetisova informed that they have a problem solely with Zvartnots, and not with the Russian companies. 
And after the uproar which the news reporters raised, Nana Avetisova informed that they have ordered water and food for the waiting passengers.
To note, Armavia Airline Company’s Press Secretary Nana Avetisova had told Armenian that the Company declared a strike. She also informed that the strike will continue unless Zvartnots Airport changed its price policy. And the “Armenia” International Airports Company released a statement in response to the strike which the Armavia Airline Company announced on Tuesday morning. “The Armavia Airline Company today halted its service to the Yerevan-Moscow and Yerevan-Rostov flights, and announced to the passengers that the service is halted because of the [Armenian capital Yerevan’s Zvartnots International] Airport’s high prices. Being the national carrier, Armavia Company benefits from our company’s special prices. Furthermore, [and] because of the accumulated debts, Armavia Company is prohibited to carry out flights toward Russia and enter Russian air space. Our company negatively assesses Armavia Airline Company’s inappropriate exploitation and [its] unfounded and false comments, and regrets that solely the national carrier has found itself in such situation,” the “Armenia” International Airports Company’s statement specifically read.


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