Feb 29, 2012

Armavia keeps developing amid airline industry drop

Oil price surge amid international tensions negatively affects airline industry, according to Armavia airline company owner.
“This led to the bankruptcy of several international airline companies, namely Czech Airlines, Spanish airlines, while Frankfurt airport is on strike,” Mikhail Baghdasarov said.
In this context, the company owner dismissed the dependence of the air ticket prices on the company itself.
“We will do the utmost to prevent extreme price rise,” he said.
On February 29, Transaero Airlines started launching regular flights by Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow route under the codeshare agreement reached with Armavia Airlines at the end of 2011. Baghdasarov further noted that already in April the second aircraft Sukhoi Superjet will be at Armavia’s disposal. The company also plans to replenish its fleet with 321 and 320 airbuses.
Despite tense situation in global airline industry, Armavia keeps developing.

Source: panarmenian.net

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