Jan 24, 2012

20-percent downsizing at Armenian airline company - newspaper

Armenia’s Armavia airline company’s newly appointed president Norayr Belluyan informed that the company is not being sold, Aravot daily writes.
‘“The proprietor does not want to sell, or does not yet intend on selling, the company.’ To Aravot’s question as to whether there truly is a downsizing at Armavia, he responded: ‘There were, there are, and there will be downsizing. We are downsizing those who work inefficiently. The company now has 380 employees, [and] twenty percent was downsized. I should also note that many are not downsized, or dismissed, but rather sent on vacation at their expense, because the [economic] crisis will end tomorrow, the flights will increase, [and] those people will probably be asked to return to their work,’” Aravot writes.

Source: news.am

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