Jan 19, 2012

Zhoghovurd: Mass downsizing at Armenian airline company?

Businessman Mikhail Baghdasarov wishes to establish a new airline company named YerevanAvia, whereas mass downsizing has begun at Baghdasarov’s Armavia Company, Zhoghovurd daily writes, referring to well-informed sources.
“Armavia’s employee Norayr Beluyan was dismissed. But, in response to the newspaper’s query, Armavia’s spokesperson Nana Avetisova denied this news. [She said:] ‘I confidently announce that Beluyan works at Armavia as president. And this bespeaks that he not only is not dismissed, but he has received a promotion.’ And concerning the establishing of the YerevanAvia Company, Avetisova said she heard about this for the first time from the newspaper. To note, Armavia has certain financial problems in connection with [Armenia’s] Zvartnots [International] Airport, and there were incidents when the flights were delayed,” Zhoghovurd writes.

Source: news.am

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