Oct 17, 2012

Grounding of Armenian national carrier’s flights linked with new shareholder?

According to Armavia Airline Company, which is Armenia’s national carrier, Armenian capital city Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport’s suspension of its services rendered to Armavia is linked with the emergence of the company’s new shareholder, an Armavia representative told Armenian News-NEWS.am.  
As per the company, it seems the airport’s administration is not happy with the appearance of a new shareholder. “But they did not consider that this causes an inconvenience for the passengers, the airport, and Armavia,” the company representative noted. Incidentally, the identity of the new shareholder will be announced in the coming days.
With respect to the query as to whether the reason for grounding the flights of Armavia is its exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, the representative stated that the debt is being paid on a daily basis. 
As Armenian News-NEWS.am informed earlier, the Zvartnots International Airport once again suspended its services rendered to the flights of Armavia Airline Company. According to our information, the reason is again Armavia’s huge outstanding debts to the airport.
To note, Armavia’s flights were grounded in med-September as well, but, subsequently, the Armenia International Airports Company—which owns Zvartnots International Airport—had resumed Armavia’s flights because arrangement was made on the payment of debts.
The conflict between Armavia and Armenia International Airports continues for several months. Zvartnots had suspended Armavia’s flights a number of times, and for exceeding the limit for outstanding debts, but the parties had come to an agreement as a result of negotiations.

Source: news.am

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