Oct 19, 2012

"Armavia" has a debt of USD 3 million 215,000 to "Zvartnots" Airport

"Zvartnots" Airport again stopped the flights of "Armavia" Airlines in the morning of October 19. This was announced by the press secretary of the airport Gevorg Abrahamyan. In a conversation with "Armenpress" Abrahamyan said: ""Armavia" should have already reduced its debts to USD 2 million 360,000 long ago, but now it has a debt of UDS 3 million 215,000. The airlines promised to partially pay its debt off reducing it to USD 3 million".
Press Secretary of "Armavia" Airlines Nana Avetisyan mentioned that they keep paying off the debt by transferring some money each day. Avetisyan said: "In few hours "Armavia" Airlines will announce the needed period of time to be able to reduce the debt to the amount of USD 2 million 360,000 mentioned in the agreement. This question is now under discussion at the conference in the company".
This is not the first time that the airport refuses to serve flights of the airline due to the debts. "Zvartnots" Airport again stopped serving "Armavia" flights in the morning of October 18.

Source: armenpress.am

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