Sep 26, 2012

National air carrier Armavia on sale

National air carrier Armavia Company is going to be sold. Armavia company press secretary Nana Avetisyan confirmed the news being circulated for quite a long time. ''Yet  it is not clear who is going to purchase the company, Italians or somebody else: many wish to buy the Company ''Avetisyan stated.
 Armavia selling can be reasoned by not being profitable under critical circumstances.
Armavia and Zvartnots international airports have signed agreement on March 15, 2011, in accordance to which the airport agreed to meet "Armavia" requirement, particularly reviewing the service tariffs. Armavia in its turn committed to stand the accumulated debts by September accordingly to the schedule timetable . Armavia accumulated 5, 3 million dollar within 6 months.


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