Sep 22, 2012

Armavia fails to pay debts to Zvartnots in time over past non-working days

Armavia air company failed to pay its debts to Zvartnots airport in time over the past non-working days, Armavia’s statement reads.
“It will be possible only within 2-3 days. It comes as a warning from the airport. On the eve of upcoming holidays, the airport wants Armavia to make a prepayment, which is not possible, either. It’s incorrect to issue such warnings to Armavia through flight delays and causing inconvenience for passengers) on the eve of Armenia’s Independence Day,” the company’s statement reads.
Zvartnots airport has suspended services to Armavia air company over the latter’s debts. However, Armavia was allowed to continue September 19 flights to save passengers the inconvenience.
On the morning of September 20, Zvartnots services to Armavia were halted.
As Zvartnots press-service told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, Armavia’s debt to the airport has further increased, with many previous instances of flights halted over the air company’s debts.


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