Sep 26, 2012

Mikhail Baghdasarov negotiates sale of Armavia Air Company

Armavia Air Company owner Mikhail Baghdasarov negotiates the company’s sale. Nana Avetisova, a spokesperson for the company, confirmed this information to However, she did not specify the volume of shares to be sold.  Armenian media reports say Armavia Air Company will be sold out to Italians.  Mrs Avetisova noted that there is no final decision yet as to whom to sell the company to.  “There are some companies that want to buy Armavia. I cannot tell you whether their number is large or small, but I can say that we have choice and alternative to select among them.”  Armavia Air Company frequently has financial problems with Zvartnots Airport, as a result of which Zvartnots refuses to operate Armavia flights.


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