Jul 26, 2012

Armavia is ready to assist the repatriating Syrian-Armenians

The Armenian Ministry of Diaspora applied to the “Armavia” company asking to make available a second flight per week with Aleppo-Yerevan direction . Chief of Media and Public Relations Department of the Ministry Tevos Nersisyan informed Armenpress, that the time of flight launching is not clear enough.
Chief of Public Relations Department of “Armavia” Anahit Aivazyan gave an informatin to Armenpress, that the national air carrier and the Armenian Government are still negotiating. The company will make an announcement soon regarding the flight details.
On July 26 the Armenian Government made a modification in a decision, according to which Armenians from Syria and Lebanon, in the case of obtaining the Armenian citizenship, could get their passports from Armenian diplomatic representations. According to another decision, the Executive Body confirmed that Armenian foreign citizens could have an opportunity to obtain an Armenian visa in the checkpoints of the Armenian border.

Source: armenpress.am

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