Jul 25, 2012

Armenian activists held a protest action in front of “Armavia” office

Today a group of activists held a protest action in front of the general office of “Armavia” aviation-company in Yerevan. The participants of the protest action claim the company must overview preices of the flight Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan.
Civilian activist Nvard Manasyan applied to “Armavia” and especially said:
“We have borne for many years in order to have just one national aviation server. Now “Armavia” completely failed in its title as national. Now Armenians in Syria have problems and are unable to reach Armenia, but the so-called national company makes money using the tragedy of the people. We call on you to realize what “national” is and as you are protected from the equal competition we call on you to act for the nation. If you are now unable to prove that you are national, so we do not need you at all. If we have other problems in future we will not need you at all. Why are you called national? When you see the situation in Syria and the condition of Armenians in Syria you must show humanitarian attitude. Where is your social responsibility? We have a real problem today and if you are unable to settle it so throw away your title “national” and just be an aviation company and participate in the international competition equally”.
Another activist, Apres Zohrabyan, considers that “Armavia” is just cheating when it says that the ticket seller company has raised the price.
“Armenia has suffered many difficult moments. We have seen earthquake, collapse of economy and just it these hard days we had support by the Armenians in Diaspora and especially by the Armenians in Syria. And if we now let “Armavia” act in such way, it will be ingratitude by us. “Armavia” is the only company in Armenia which reacted to the Syrian events and thought that this is a good opportunity to gain money”, A. Zohrabyan says.
Note that more and more Armenians in Syria want to leave Syria and return to Motherland now. This aim is connected with the strained situation in Syria. And “Armavia” company has raised the prices of the tickets for Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan flight.

Source: times.am

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