Jul 28, 2012

‘’Armavia’’ Air Company to continue its flights to Syria

Regardless the international   persuasions and current dangers pertain to flights of Syria, ‘’Armavia’’ Air Company is going to carry out its  flights , as well as is intended to open additional flights by the support of Armenian Government. Armenpress  reports citing official announcement provided by National Air Carrier. 
‘’Armavia’’ considers necessary to allocate appropriate assistance to our foreign compatriots.  The Company already has experience in the transportation of passengers, registered particularly in the course of Lebanese conflict.
 16 months ongoing clashes resulted in the death of 7 thousand 192 people, according to the Syrian Human Rights Organization . The Arab media reports that among the dead11 thousand 897 were peaceful civilians, and 4348 were security officers. Among the victims there were 7 Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries. The Syrian riots make the Syrians leave the country appearing in other countries as refugees. Recently the Armenian community representatives also leave the country. The refugee status or asylum applications from Syria are considered in an accelerated procedure, at least ten days.
Source: armenpress.am

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