Jul 3, 2012

Armenia’s national airline company denies news about its sale

Armavia Airline Company is not being sold, Company Press Secretary Nana Avetisova told Armenian News-NEWS.am. 
According to her, the news about Armavia being sold is absurd and, on the contrary, the Company is currently attempting to expand the geographical scope of its flights.   
As Armenian News-NEWS.am informed earlier, the Russian gazeta.ru  website on Monday posted a large article on Russian companies’ desire to purchase the Armavia Airline Company, which is Armenia’s national carrier. And it was even mentioned that the initial business deal price is US$ 55 million.      
To note, former Armenian MP Harutyun Pambukyan was co-owner of the Max Group Company. But according to most recent information, he left the company and, now, he conducts business in Moscow.
And Pambukyan already made a formal offer to Armavia’s owner Mikhail Baghdasarov, gazeta.ru wrote.

Source: news.am

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