Aug 5, 2012

“Armavia” implemented Yerevan-Aleppo the first additional flight

Armenian national air carrier “Armavia” company on August 2 at 14:01 o’clock implemented Yerevan-Aleppo-Yerevan the first additional flight. Armenpress was informed from press service of the company that the airplane from Yerevan to Aleppo left without passengers because of absence of demand. It is planned that the airplane from Aleppo will arrive in Yerevan at 18:25 o’clock.
The flight was implemented by SAG-200 airplane which has 50 seats. The number of passengers at situation of 16:00 was 47 people. “Armavia implemented the flight staying loyal to his word despite the non-profitability of the flight” is said in the massage spread by the company.
The first additional flight was planned on August 1 by plane Boing with 108 seats but because of the absence of the passengers did not take place.


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