Aug 16, 2012

Armavia cannot reject second Sukhoi SuperJet

Armenian national carrier Armavia cannot reject the second Sukhoi SuperJet (SSJ), without having paid for the first one, official representative of the Civil Jets Sukhoi (CJS) Andrey Muravyev told Armenian He confirmed reports spread by the Russian outlets that Armavia owes the CJS $4 million for the first SSJ, currently the jet is at the CJS for examination. Everything depends on Armavia, if the company pays for the jet, it will come to Armenia.
Besides, the debt for the first jet hampers rejection from the second jet, as the contract was concluded for two jets at once.
In response to the question about the price for the first jet, Muravyev said it made about $25-26 million. Whereas Armavia has concluded a contract with the BTB-Armenia bank in the amount of $55-60 million for purchasing the two jest.


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