Mar 17, 2011

Zvartnots airport concerned over Armavia’s debt

In response to the discontent of Armavia national carrier protesting high tariffs for the Zvartnots airport’s services, the “Armenia” International Airports” CJSC issued a statement to say that the present aircraft handling tariffs were established by in 2005 taking into consideration the airport development Master Plan and has not changed up to this date.
“Armenia” International Airports” CJSC is concerned about the increase of the amount of debt accumulated by the air company for three months. It is also worrying when the air company constantly violates the schedule for the payment of the debts established itself, says the statement provided by PR Department of “Armenia” International Airports” CJSC to .
As for the aviation fuel tariffs, “Armenia” International Airports” CJSC purchases the aviation fuel from Mika Limited company belonging to the shareholder of the air company and the fuel sale price is defined in accordance with the formula stipulated by the RA State Committee on the Protection of Economic Competitiveness. The payment for the fuel is done by “Armenia” International Airports” CJSC on the moment of receiving the fuel on the same day, without any delays, it says.
“Armenia” International Airports” CJSC says is sorry for the inconveniences caused to the passengers by the air company and hopes that the national air carrier will undertake prompt measures for improving the situation by timely fulfilling the obligations undertaken by him.


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