Mar 12, 2011

Armavia raises ticket prices

The Armavia airline has raised the ticket prices for a number of directions. Armavia informed Armenian that the reason is a sharp rise in fuel prices (U.S. $170 per ton). “Therefore, the ticket prices have been raised” said Nana Avetisova, Armavia Press Secretary.
A few days ago a Yerevan-Moscow-Yerevan flight cost 120,000 AMD (about U.S. $333), whereas the ticket price has been raised up to 170,000 AMD (about U.S. $470).
In response to our inquiry, a number of ticket agencies confirmed the price rise. However, they lay the responsibility on the Armavia airline.
The Atlantik-Tour agency sells a Yerevan-Moscow ticket for 100,000 AMD (U.S. $275, with a 25% discount for women, the actual price thus being 85,500 AMD (about U.S. $220). A Yerevan-Dubai ticket is 149,000 AMD (U.S. $415) – 10,000 AMD more than a week ago.


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