Mar 17, 2011

Owner: planes of national air carrier of Armenia not arrested

Planes of national air carrier of Armenia – the company “Armavia” are not arrested, said the owner of the air company Mikhayil Baghdasarov during the press-conference on Wednesday.

“Who told you that the plane is arrested? We negotiate on the reduction of leasing cost. This plane is in repair now but it doesn’t mean that it is arrested”, he said.

Earlier in the Armenian mass media there appeared information that one of the planes of the air company is as of arrested in Paris for having debts. Press-secretary of the company Nana Avetisova said that the plane is really in Paris for passing technical service which will take from 20 to 30 days.

Baghdasarov said that all the rumors on the arrest and large debts of the air company is mostly the imagination of some mass media and “some people”. Despite the rumors “Armavia” is prospering and is planning to allocate the money borrowed from Bank VTB (Armenia) for buying planes

Bombardier CRJ-200 which will replenish the air park “Armavia” in May-June.
On Wednesday in the frames of the strategy of corporate business Bank VTB (Armenia) defined credit-documentary limit on the Armenian group of companies “Mika” in the amount of $20 million. The allocated money will go to the funding of different projects of the group including air company “Armavia”, the company “Mika Limited” (dealing with the import of oil products from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Ukraine to Armenia) and “Mika Cement”.

“This amount is not enough for covering the purchase of planes fully, but a part of money will be allocated in this direction”, said Baghdasarov.

National air carrier of Armenia – the company “Armavia” was established in 1996 and corresponds to international requirements IATA. Today “Armavia” makes over 100 flights weekly in more than 40 directions of 20 countries worldwide.
Currently, air park of the company consists of 11 planes - three А-320, three - А-319, three - CRJ-200, one - YAK-42-VIP and IL-86. In the nearest future Superjet-100 will replenish the air park of the company.


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