Mar 16, 2011

Armavia suspends flights for one hour to protest high airport charges

Armenia’s national air carrier Armavia suspended flights for an hour on Wednesday morning, protesting the high prices of Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, the airline’s press service told media.

Armavia, in particular, says Zvartnots airport services are three times more expensive than those of Moscow airports and on average are twice more expensive than airport services in Europe.

The airline also protested Zvartnots’ tough measures to suspend Armavia flights because of its accumulated debts and demanding the debt be paid immediately. Armavia acknowledged having debts, but said:

“In according with international practice, the current debt is to be paid off next month. Armavia has reduced the debt by 20 percent, nevertheless, Zvartnots demands an immediate payoff.”

According to a later report, Armavia resumed its flights.

The airline operates about 500 flights a month, with the number of flights reaching 700 a month during summertime.


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