Mar 17, 2011

Armenian national air company waiting for reaction from government to its discord with Zvartnots airport

Armavia, Armenian national air company, is waiting for reaction from the government to the discord between the company and Zvartnots International Airport, Mikhail Bagdasarov, owner of Armavia, said Wednesday at a news conference.

He said that no reaction has been seen from Zvartnots so far. “I think reaction will come from the anti-trust commission and the Armenian government,” he said.

Earlier, Zvartnots suspended Armavia’s flights because of the latter’s debts. However yesterday, the airport resumed operating the company’s flight.

Armenia’s national air carrier Armavia suspended its flights scheduled for today morning by an hour in a protest against high prices set by Armenia Zvartnots International Airport.

Bagdasarov said that the company has started negotiating with the airport yet four years ago, but no results have been reached over prices.

He blamed Zvartnots for infringing the company’s rights.

In his words, Armavia has to keep its aircrafts abroad, since parking is cheaper there. “We also have to fuel our aircrafts overseas,” he said.

Bagdasarov said that air fares are high also because of high fees set by the airport.

That is why Armavia finds it unbeneficial to increase the number of its airliners.

The owner of Armavia outlined three directions of development of Armenian aviation.

“First of them is comfortable transportation of Armenians living overseas, second is to take advantage from Armenia’s geographical position, and we do it, and third is to break through the blockade,” he said. “Those who have a harsh word to say about aviation are enemies of the nation. They don’t want to see Armenia unblocked. They want we to go back to the period when we traveled through Georgia and made several changes of vehicles to reach destinations. Not a single company will remain in Armenia in the event of the first fire. Georgia’s experience shows has proved this – not a single foreign air company sent its aircrafts to this country. It is obvious that those who run campaign against us are the nation’s enemies.

Armavia National Air Company was established in 1996. The company meets IATA international requirements.

Armavia operates over 100 flights a day to more than 40 destinations in 20 countries.

It possesses 11 aircrafts - А320-3, А319-3, CRJ-200, Yak-42-VIP and Il-86. A new Superjet -100 is expected to be added to them soon.


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