Mar 16, 2013

Gagik Tsarukian has no intention of buying Armavia

“The leader of BHK (Prosperous Armenia Party) Gagik Tsarukian has never had an intention of buying Armavia. This information is unfounded,” the correspondent of was informed by Tsarukian’s spokeswoman Iveta Tonoyan.
According to some press reports, Tsarukian intends to purchase Armavia. He tried to convince Armavia airline’s owner Baghdasarov to declare the company bankrupt and then sell it.
However, the government is against this move because the wage arrears will result in protests of company employees so the airline should be sold after solution of this problem.
It is also noteworthy that negotiations are now being conducted with two foreign companies: Vergin Atlantic and an Italian company, but Tsarukian’s intention impedes these negotiations.


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