Mar 14, 2013

Armenia’s government not clear on extending Armavia’s license period : press digest

The government of Armenia hasn’t decided yet over extension of Armavia company’s license period, according to an article published in Orakarg newspaper (Agenda) on Thursday.

Within the frames of the agreement signed on March 14, 2003, the government authorized Armavia, Armenia’s national air carrier, to operate flights to some particular destinations. 

Upon the expiration of the license period, General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia should propose to the government to either extend the license period of the company or to announce a contest for air carriers to operate the flights to the  same destinations thus liberalizing the air traffic market.

“The government hasn’t decided yet whether to liberalize the air traffic market or to extend Armavia’s monopoly,” the newspaper says.
In addition, as of March 14 General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia hasn’t submitted any proposals yet.

Armavia was established in 1996. In 2005, MIKA Limited President Mikhail Baghdasarov, one of Armenia’s most prominent entrepreneurs, became the sole owner of the company. Armavia operates more than 100 flights a week to 40 destinations in 20 countries. The company operates Airbuses, CRJs, Boeings and Russia-produced Sukhoi Superjets.


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