Mar 30, 2013

Armavia stops operating flights earlier than announced

Armavia airline has stopped its flights earlier than announced. The airline has not operated any flight from Zvartnots International Airport today, the airport’s spokesman Gevorg Abrahamian said.
“Passengers gathered in the airport. They then realized that Armavia will not operate anymore and went to the head office of the company, demanding explanations,” Gevorg Abrahamian told the correspondent of Our attempts to get information from a representative of Armavia failed.
Let us remind you that Armavia’s press service announced today that Armenia’s national carrier, Armavia airline, stops operating flights starting from April 1.
“At the moment the situation is such that it is impossible to work any longer. For that reason a decision was taken to stop flights and file for bankruptcy. The company expresses its gratitude to all its passengers, with whom it has worked for 12 years and wishes success to them”, was said in the statement of the airline.


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