May 10, 2013

Public Council introduced suggestions regarding "Armavia" to President and Government

The Public Council has already introduced its suggestions regarding the future of "Armavia" Air Company and the status of national air carrier to the President and the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The Council finds it necessary to have national air carriers by providing competitive equal conditions. The Public Council informed "Armenpress" that the program of recovery of "Armavia" Air Company has also been introduced to the Government and President of the Republic of Armenia. There are 9 points included in the aforesaid program. In particular, "Armavia" Air Company finds that its recovery depends upon restoring equality in the air carriers market in Armenia, separation of concept of "basic" airport from the concept of "national" air carrier, and support to the basic air carriers in the issues regarding the airports in the Republic of Armenia and other services as well.
Notwithstanding the Chief Department of Civil Aviation sees the solution of the problem in the policy of "open heaven" saying that it will foster the growth of competitiveness, "Armavia" Air Company finds that the policy of "open air" will have a devastating impact on the aviation.


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