Apr 25, 2013

Armavia presents plan of rehabilitation actions

Armenia's national airline Armavia that suspended flights from the 1st of April 2013 to begin the bankruptcy proceedings, submitted to the presidential Public Council a plan of actions which it says is designed to rehabilitate the company, according to Public Council chairman Vazgen Manukian.

He said Armavia suggests to abolish the state due of 10 000 drams included in the ticket price (the so-called air tax, to create equal conditions for all players at this market, to allow it to purchase independently aviation fuel, to restructure its debts to the government  and so on. Manukian said these proposals need to be examined profoundly.

A Public Council member Vazgen Safarian,recalled that both government agencies and private companies met very often the company’s wishes halfway, however, its financial policy is still unclear. He said the airline was granted monopoly to operate flights in several directions and the problems it encountered were caused primarily by its ineffective and poor marketing policies.

Another member of the Public Council, Karen Danielian, said from the point of view of national security the government’s approach to this situation should be strict. Danielian also expressed concern that while a solution is being sought many experienced pilots could find jobs outside Armenia.

After discussions the Public Council decided to ask the government to create several national airline and create equal conditions for all.

Source: arka.am

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