Apr 19, 2011

First Russian ”Superjet 100” delivered to Armavia

The company Sukhoi Civil Aircraft delivered on Monday the first Superjet 100 to a launch customer. Armenia’s flight company Armavia received the first of two ordered aircrafts of that type. In total Sukhoi has confirmed orders for 170 Superjets.  The brand new "Superjet 100" is replacing an outdated Tu-134 aircraft. The first plane was named "Yurij Gagarin" by “Armavia”. According to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft there are at the present moment confirmed orders for 170 Superjets. Also Aeroflot is expected to receive – even delayed - its first “Superjets” during this year.  Meanwhile, last week Transport Minister Igor Levitin said that Aeroflot was mulling over punitive sanctions against Sukhoi Civil Aircraft because they failed to deliver the planes in time. Initially it was agreed that the aircraft will be delivered in late 2010. But due to delays in obtaining the certificate, the dates were postponed. (Source: Voice of Russia)

Source: russia-media.ru

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