Dec 17, 2010

Reports on Armavia passengers’ refusal to fly to Moscow untrue

According to information posted on social networks, on December 17 only 7 passengers took Armavia air company’s flight to Moscow, while the rest refused to fly and returned their tickets.
However, the company’s press service rejected this information. “All flights to Moscow are implemented as per the schedule, while reports that tickets were returned are untrue,” Armavia told a reporter. “Moreover, the company increases the number of flights to this destination.”
Dissemination of similar information is based on the fact that the number of ethnic crimes continues growing in Moscow and regions.
On December 16, a citizen of Uzbekistan was killed by unknown persons in Moscow. A suspect has been detained.
Besides, a citizen of Vietnam was killed in the Russian capital. According to Russian news agencies, even children are engaged in ethnic riots – a schoolboy knifed his schoolmate in Dolgoprudniy (Moscow suburb), a native of Caucasus.


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