May 7, 2010

We incurred minor losses due to Icelandic volcano: Mikhail Bagdasarov

New flights by Armavia Air Company to be carried out in 2010 and construction of the second terminal to be put into operation next year will considerably increase the passenger traffic, head of Mika Limited Company and Armavia Air Company owner Mikhail Bagdasarov told journalists today.
He noted that turn of year was unsuccessful for the company, expressing hope that they will manage to come up with good indicators by the year end.
Asked by  correspondent about losses the company incurred as a result of Icelandic volcano eruption, Bagdasarov replied that compared with European air companies, Armavia’s losses are minor. “We have cancelled 5 flights to Paris, Amsterdam and Zurich, but are lucky not to have such losses as European companies did,” he said.
May 7, a new А-320 aircraft purchased by Armavia Air Company arrived in Zvartnots International Airport. Boeing was previously operated by China and Singapore. “We plan to have 15-unit aircraft park by 2010 end,” company’s Director General Norayr Beloyan stated, adding that Armavia will get two more Sukhoi Superjet aircrafts by the end of the year. According to him, air company transported over 170 000 passengers starting Jan. 2010, increasing last year’s indicator by 4.5%.


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