Feb 3, 2010

No changes in Armavia's tariff policy

Armavia will make alterations in company’s tariff policy, Armavia President Mikhail Bagdasarov told the journalists on February 3, underlining that special discounts for tickets are already available.
“The price cut for Yerevan-Moscow flights for males will be introduced, thereafter action will extend to females and discounts will be available for everyone,” he said, adding that high airfares are conditioned by heavy airport tariffs and administrative expenses, as well as high credit tariffs. “High prices are conditioned by relations with leasing companies as they have high loan rates. Presently we are negotiating with creditors, as rates were set two years ago under economic upturn and prices for aircrafts were high. Presently, under the global crisis the situation changed dramatically,” Bagdasarov stated, noting that if creditors cut rates it will affect the airfare. Armavia president outlined that this year company’s profit fell compared to February, 2009.

Source: news.am

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