Dec 18, 2009

Armavia plans opening of new flights for the coming year

Armenian national carrier “Armavia” company is planning for the coming year opening of new  flights to Barcelona, Warsaw as well as to the USA and Canada. Press secretary of the company Nana  Avetisova told Armenpress that in general the company is planning to implement 250 flights in a month in more than 30 directions. As of today the company has 6 airplanes – two “A-320”,  three “A 319” and one “CRJ 200”. 
In April 2010 it is planned to fill the park with “Superjet 100” passenger-carrier new airplanes  which have 98 places. “Armavia” was planning to get two new “Superjets” in December this year and in  January of 2010 but connected with the certification issues of the new airplanes they will be brought to  Armenia in April. The new planes will be acquired for transatlantic flights.


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